Oh ... Really?

Your homework for tonight ...

Jeff's done gone and got himself good and riled up (that's a Southernism, ya'll) ... and with good reason.

Men like to look at naked women; this timeless truth endures. I've got no problem with that - adults will make their own choices about the morality of it and there seems to be no shortage of women willing to oblige. But when pornographers explicitly and intentionally target young children - I get pissed off.

While researching the element zinc on the Internet for my 11 year old son, I "stumbled across" an extremely sexually explicit website called "The Nasty Bus."

The site depicts a school bus on which sexual acts take place.

This shows that these people will go to any length to get their "product" in front of as many eyes as they can ... and they care not how old those eyes are. Boys will be boys ... and curiousity is often stronger than good sense, especially when it involves nekkidness. I cringe to think that this kind of smut is the earliest vision of sex for some young boys ... we have a hard enough time teaching our kids to respect each other. The portrayal of sex in porn does nothing to engender the kind of respect we need to have for each other. It teaches nothing except that women are toys to be used for men's pleasure, and the acts are hardly realistic either. Yech ...

You go, Jeff! Give 'em hell!

Posted by LissaKay on 12/05/04 at 08:57 PM in My Soapbox
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