Oh ... Really?

We are SO there!

Thanks to the heads up from Rob at VOLuntarily Conservative, my daughter and I will be seeing TransSiberian Orchestra in concert!

If you saw the incredible Christmas lights last year ...

... You've heard TSO. You can also hear clips and order CDs through their site.

I adore this kind of music. It invokes a passion and physical reaction in me, taking my breath away and bringing me nearly to tears. That's what music is supposed to do. Last year, I found the three-CD plus DVD set on sale somewhere online ... best CD purchase ever! And I have longed to see them in concert, and lo! They will be in Knoxville on November 7! We are SO there!

Posted by LissaKay on 10/14/06 at 02:25 PM in Music
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OOH! Thanks for the heads-up on this one -- I absolutely love the TSO (as do my girls). Nov. 7 is election day and I had planned to do other things... but this may just have to take precedence.
Posted by Netmom on 10/20 at 10:59 AM
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