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Thanks, Uncle!

I posted a comment here and almost as an aside, I mentioned that I was thinking about obtaining a defensive weapon for my home and/or person, and that I am open to advice. It was elevated to its own post, with a call to others to share their knowledge. Awesome! Oh, and my site traffic quadrupled for the day ... very cool.

Thanks to all that emailed and commented with suggestions ... keep it coming! I'll be happy to trade knowledge ... wanna learn to knit?

Posted by LissaKay on 09/08/07 at 02:49 PM in Blogging
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Actually, I have several friends who would love to get me to learn how to knit and/or crochet. While I'm not wholly convinced about it yet, I'm happy to talk about guns...
Posted by Aegis on 09/09 at 04:33 AM
For your home defense, you can't beat a shotgun...and a good dog. I recommend a German Shepard; one of the most loyal and alert home defense methods you can get. And that pump shotgun.

As for a pistol, please get something more aesthetically pleasing than a Glock. Ugly guns...can't complain about their effectiveness, but they are butt-ugly. How about a nice Lady Smith, in .38 Special, or, if you must have a semi-auto, then a Smith & Wesson or a Beretta (my wife loves her .380 Beretta.)

Whatever you get, you have to become proficient with it. It must become an extension of your hand. Dry-firing is important, and proximity to your person is mandatory. You'll depend on it if necessary, so don't let it become a stranger under your mattress.

Oh, and very important, you need a fast-open box that opens only to your personal combination. That'll keep the unwanted family attention away from it when you leave it at home...

Posted by serr8d on 09/10 at 12:47 AM
how did I manage to do that??


Posted by serr8d on 09/10 at 12:50 AM
It's always fun to see your stats sky rocket. I don't know anything about home defense except that I keep my doors and windows locked at all times. Even when I am home..And I have two dogs.
Posted by Marsha on 09/14 at 11:59 AM
get the largest caliber you can shoot accurately. This means you have to try a lot out to see how you like them.

I just finished a two day training course. It was worth it.

To get over the gut fear reaction, i would suggest going to the largest gun show you can and touching any that seem nice.

Posted by cube on 09/30 at 08:50 PM
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