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Toys for Iraqi Children

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This project is taking on a life of its own, thanks to the blogging community. Chief Wiggles posted about an encounter he had with an Iraqi child in the above linked blog. The entry is quite lengthy, so I have copied the relevant part of it in the Extended Entry (click the link below to expand). Please read it, then visit Chief Wiggles blog for suggestions and ground rules. Our efforts will be helping to shape the young minds of the future generation of Iraq.

The address to send toys to is:
Chief Wiggles
CPA-C2, Debriefer
APO AE 09335

Update: Medic Mom has made some blog buttons to link to Chief Wiggles' site. Go steal a button!
Posted by LissaKay on 09/25/03 at 03:48 AM in Our World
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Stumbled upon your site from 1000 words. Loved the picture of your beautiful kitty and the story about how she helped your son through some of the darker times in his life. Give Faith and Dakota some scritches from me, even if they don't know who I am.
Posted by Ethne on 09/25 at 07:57 PM
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