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Couple Faces Deportation Without Their Child

I got two comments last night on the above entry, signed "Mr and Mrs He." This story still tugs at my heart. One of the comments was actually an open letter "To Whom it May Concern" by Michael G Ryan, a Seattle, WA journalist who has taken up the cause of Jack, Casey and Anna Mae He. In it, he deplores, like me, the cruel and unjust treatment the Hes have withstood at the hands of the Juvenile and Chancery Courts of the State of Tennessee.

Then tonight, I was perusing my web site logs. I am getting TONS of hits from search engines on queries regarding this tragic case. Word must be getting out. It needs to be front page news in every paper in the US.

Whoever commented on my previous entry asked me to contact Dr Hansen Li. I would love to, but what to I, just a single blogger among millions, have to offer, other than my prayers?

I will offer this ... a button to put on your web site, to honor and support the Hes in the battle of a lifetime ... the battle for their child.

Please right click and save to your hard drive, then upload to your web server. Link it to Anna Mae Go Home

Anna Mae Go Home!

A tragic irony ... we here in the US lambast China for their human rights policies. And look what we are doing to one innocent child, who only wants her mommy and daddy.
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A shaky legal case tears a Chinese Family apart

In Memphis, Tennessee, a wealthy family named Jerry and Louise Baker stole a child from a poor Chinese family four years ago. Ironically, the trial judge Alissandratos in Chancery Court shifts the burden of proof onto the He family (defendants).

Before Judge Alissandratos, Mr and Mrs. He has to carry the burden of proving by clear and convincing evidence that they are fit parents in order to defend their parental rights.

Back in June 2001, the Bakers filed a motion with judge Alissandratos entitled “Termination of Hes’ Parental Rights”, in which they accused Mr and Mrs. He of willful abandonment of their child, an accusation without corroboration. Very quickly, Judge Alissandratos issued a “no contact” court order barring Mr. and Mrs. He from seeing their child. This harsh order was issued in the absence of any evidence of child abuse. Since June 2001, the Bakers’ case of terminating Hes’ parental rights has been pending for a trial despite numerous efforts made by the Hes for a speedier trial. While a final trial has been pending, the court bars the Hes from contacting their child, who has been in the foster care of the plaintiffs.

For details, please visit this website:


Most sincerely,
Mr. & Mrs. He, A Chinese couple sued as Defendants by the Bakers

Attached below are three letters to the editor of “The Commercial Appeal”, in response to its 10/1 editorial named “A shaky legal case keeps a family apart”, which can be found on the web site: http://www.annamaegohome.org

Letter One
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Dear Editor:

I am writing in response to the 10/1 editorial "A shaky legal case keeps family apart". I can only hope that Chancellor Alissandratos will do the right thing before "Jack" He and "Casey" Luo are deported and give them back the daughter from whom they should never have been separated in the first place. This couple has been through enough and their daughter needs time to become reacquainted with her parents before they return to China to start a new life. Please give them this opportunity

Thank you

Kathie Fleming
2042 Higbee
Memphis TN 38104
(901) 578-8800
Letter Two:

Editor, The Commercial Appeal

To whom it may Effect,

After reading the story in the paper of the Chinese couple (Mr. and Mrs. He) that basically had their daughter stolen from them by a Bartlett family and tyrant of a judge (Allisandratos) I can't believe that someone / anyone will not stand up for the rights of Mr. and Mrs. He!! This couple came to the U.S. because they were searching for the "American Dream" and an education, but what they got instead was the "American Nightmare Reality".

To educate everyone on this wonderful judge that we have in our Chancery Court (Allisandratos) making life long decisions for our families: He is the most overturned judge in the entire Tennessee court system. His job is to insure that the "Best Interest of the Children" is meet in all cases concerning children that can't speak for themselves!

Our right is to a fair trial / hearing on the facts of a case using our Laws as guidelines. Allisandratos does not care about our laws in fact that is one of the reasons that his decisions are overturned by the court of appeals more frequently than any other judge in our system. The man is a "Tyrant" stemming from having "Little Man's" syndrome and likes nothing more than to hear his own voice. He thinks that he is God and makes this very apparent in the decisions that he makes. Our laws are in place to protect us, however when it comes to treating people fairly this judge has his own agenda and ignores laws.

Our laws state that we have rights to our biological children, and unless there is harm to them they have rights to grow up with their biological parents. What part of this is unclear to this bully of a judge? What right, or should I say, What law is this judge using to base his decisions to keep this Law abiding couples child from them???

Is this the representation that we want in OUR court system?? Remember Allisandratos is an elected official. I challenge everyone to do some research about the most controversial and overturned judge in our court system. This judge is so much of a tyrant that not only do citizens cringe when they are assigned to his court, but also a lot of lawyers will refuse to take cases assigned to this judge.

If you have ever been abused in Allisandratos Chancery Court (and there are a lot of us out there), Now is the time to speak up and make a difference. This tyrant (Allisandratos) needs to be removed from making life long decisions concerning our children!!!

This is a grave injustice that "we are allowing" if we do not do something about Allisandratos NOW! My empathy goes out to Mr. and Mrs. Jack He. Again "DO SOMETHING NOW", who knows you might just end up to the fate of his decisions!

Vernon Barker,
Executive Chef
(901) 266-3269
A very concerned citizen of Memphis

Letter Three:
To: Editor of The Commercial Appeal
FR: Michael Ryan, a professional writer in State of Washington.

Your editorial of October 1 ("A Shaky Legal Case Keeps Family Apart") raises an interesting question about the case of the Chinese couple currently separated from their young daughter: what's being kept from the public eye, and why? In the greater scheme of world events, this is a very small matter and should have been resolved swiftly a long time ago. Yet it continues to drag on, apparently without end in sight, if the latest hearings postponed the case indefinitely. What is the hold up in judgment? Is this case so complicated that it requires years of legal wrangling? (Note that even the various "crime of the century" trials like O.J. Simpson's and Charles Manson's were resolved in a more timely manner than this.) Or is it more likely that this is some sort of stalling tactic to show favoritism to the Bartlett couple who currently have the child?

Of course, if the courts were not silent on their reasons, we would know. Yet that same silence is exactly protecting the questionable legal reasons for keeping this family apart. Or perhaps no evidence has been presented to the public as to why this child should be kept from her natural parents because there is no evidence.

Perhaps what is happening here is a negligent court system has allowed an open-and-shut case to become clouded by backroom politics similar to the kind you describe from the 1950s. If that's the case, we should all not only pray that the Hes will have their daughter safely returned to them, but we should also pray that we ourselves will never need to seek justice from the Memphis court system.

Michael Ryan
14428 88th Ave NE
Bothell, WA 98011
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Articles from The Associated Press (AP wire):

August 2003: “Chinese couple facing deportation and loss of child”

September 2003: “Chinese couple facing deportation is trying to speed custody dispute”

October 2003: “Trial delayed for Chinese couple trying to regain custody of daughter”

Article by “USA TODAY”:

January 2002: “Immigrant couple wants daughter back”

Editorial by “The Commercial Appeal”

October 2003: “A shaky legal case keeps family apart”

Posted by Daniel Lee on 11/11 at 04:30 AM
Dear Mr. and Mrs. He:

I have forwarded your e-mail to the national ACLU office in the hope
that they may be able to help you out or give you more advice.
Unfortunately, as I said, my being here in Iowa means I really can't
be of much more assistance. From reading the letters to the editor I
see that you are suffering a great injustice. I hope that you will
get a note or help from national, but again they may not be able to
do anything either. All I can do is offer you my prayers and trust
that you will get your child back.
Skywalker Payne
Community Programs Coordinator
Iowa Civil Liberties Union
505 Fifth Avenue, Suite 901
Des Moines, IA 50313
515-243-3988, ext.13

Posted by Skywalker Payne on 11/11 at 04:36 AM
To all concerned citizens of Shelbly County Tennesee: As a now divorced father of two children, I had the misfortune of being abused in Div III of Chancery Court which is presided over by the obviously racist and bigoted D.J. Allisandratos. As a black man with no criminal record or other character issues, I had my parental rights terminated in violation of state law by this modern-day 'Bull' Conner simply because of vindictive and unfounded allegations made by my ex-wife. This same red-neck judge treated my case as if I were guilty until proven innocent. I've followed the He's ordeal closely, and I sympathize with them greatly. Unfortunately, the racist core of the American judicial system that they are wittnessing is often hidden from the public view because of the system's lack of transparency. It is this secrecy and a lack of transcripts of court proceeding that enable people like Allisandratos to abuse the rights of the people. Factor in the prohibitive costs of taking one's grievances to a court of appeals and the cases of abuse inflicted and not overturned far overshadow those in which people have the money it takes to buy some degree of justice. Fortunately for the He family, I understand that Allisandratos has now recused himself from their case as the Chinese embassy has filed a complaint on their behalf with a judicial review board. Hopefully, this cancer can be removed from the bench so that families can have a real chance to survive.
Posted by mike swift on 12/11 at 08:23 AM
It sounds like the facts need to be presented a little more unbias. Personally, I'd know a little more about a case before I passed judgements or made allegations of the magnitude you've all made.
Posted by So Wrong on 03/01 at 08:33 PM
I agree with Mike Swift on this one, though i do sympathize with the Chinese parents. So far I've only seen biased views on both sides. USA Today presents a very unfair perspective of the He's in this case. However, in ChinaDaily, they present a very negative view of the Bakers'. Its hard for me to choose which one to believe since I know both may have left something out or exaggerated a certain fact. Anyway, right now with the information that I already know, I think Anna Mae should be returned to her Biological Family
Posted by David on 11/14 at 07:09 PM
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