Oh ... Really?

Through the eyes of a child

Sharon and I must be on the same brain-wave length today:

Andrew - a special child and his reaction to September 11.

I had been mentally rehearsing this post all evening. She scares me ... she really does.

As we near the second anniversary of September 11, I find my thoughts wandering back to that awful day more and more often. My co-workers and I have been reminiscing about where we were and what we were doing that day. My workplace was evacuated as we were less than two miles from the Y-12 nuclear weapons facility in Oak Ridge, TN. I was one of the last ones out of the building, and it totally creeped me out because it is usually filled at that that time of day with about 500 people. There were military patrols on the roof and the roadblocks were being set up as I left the city. That's when it started to hit me.
Posted by LissaKay on 08/09/03 at 05:07 AM in Our World
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