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The Strength of Spirit

The Strength of Spirit

Sometimes, when you think it's really, really bad ... wherever you are, whatever is going on ... you get a wake-up call. Not to stop feeling sorry for yourself, or be thankful that it's not as bad as someone else's life. Sometimes we need to be reminded to stop, look around and really see what is around us. Yes, I've got it tough. So does Mike. So do lots and lots of other people. Some will hear our stories and think, “Man .. I don't know how they can do it!” Hey, everyone ... we just do it. We take life one day at a time. Just like everyone else. What keeps us going is the little things we take time to notice and enjoy. We stop to smell the roses.
Posted by LissaKay on 01/25/03 at 10:12 AM in Neat Stuff
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