Oh ... Really?

The Sanctity of Marriage, Indeed

Oh, sweet hypocrisy! This is just too cute by half ...

February 28, 2005
SJR 31 - Sen. Jeff Miller (R-Cleveland) Proposes an amendment to Article XI of the Constitution of the State of Tennessee to define marriage as a contract between one man and one woman.
When the final vote was taken on SJR 31, it passed 29-3-0-1

Do note, Sen. Jeff Miller is the SPONSER of the legislation that will ensure that gays will not be able to marry in the state of Tennessee or even enjoy the legal and financial benefits of being in a mutually economically interdependent relationship. (I am STILL waiting for someone to explain to me exactly what effect gay marriage would have on existing or future heterosexual marriages ... someone? Anyone? Bueller?)

Anyway ... behold!

NASHVILLE (AP) -- A state senator who sponsors a marriage protection amendment is being sued for divorce.

Sen. Jeff Miller's wife claims "inappropriate marital conduct" in a divorce proceeding filed in Bradley County.

My my my ....

More on this later. Damn work interferes with blogging once again ... dammit.

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