Oh ... Really?

The Depths of My Soul

A great man of music has passed today. My heart is heavy with grief and my soul cries in the silence.

And the morning will blow away
As the waves crash and fall
And the Reach like a siren sings
as she beckons and calls
As the coastline recedes from view
And the seas swell and roll
I will take from the Reach
all that she has to teach
To the depths of my soul --

I was introduced to the musical world of Dan Fogelberg on my 15th birthday when my father gave me a copy of "The Innocent Age" and from that moment on, I was entranced. His music has the ability to reach in and touch the soul, lift the spirit and make the heart soar. Beyond simply enjoying his music, it became part of the soundtrack of my life. Because of the association with a profoundly tragic episode in my life, I could not listen to Fogelberg for several years. Eventually, I let his music back into my heart, the healing began and I have moved forward.

But through the years, Dan was a part of my musical life. I played his music on the guitar and piano, and sang along while playing his albums on the stereo. His words spoke to a special place in my heart. I only got to see him in concert the one time, and a magical evening that was. The news of his battle with prostate cancer came as a heavy blow and I prayed that he would be victorious in his against that devastating illness, but this morning, he was overcome. His last wish, his legacy, is to encourage all men "to get a DRE (Digital Rectal Exam) and a PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test EVERY YEAR." Please see his Living Legacy web site for more information.

Condolences can be left here. Light a candle and let it shine ...

There's a light in the depths
Of your darkness
There's a calm at the eye
Of every storm.
There's a light in the depths
Of your darkness.

Let is shine
Oh, let it shine

Rest in Peace, Dan. God Speed.

Posted by LissaKay on 12/17/07 at 01:08 AM in Matters of the Heart
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