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Tepid Tuesday

Today, I am shopping for a new monitor, and on the TV are reruns of "Fresh Prince" ... the weather is unseasonably warm (thanks Al Gore!) with severe thunderstorms forecast for later tonight - and I remember the last time there were tornadoes in February, they were followed by a huge blizzard in March. I have a bunch of reading to do in my PoliSci classes, and my house is in need of cleaning. Oh yeah, and it's primary election day in the great state of confusion, err ... I mean, Tennessee. I could not be less thrilled.

I took advantage of Early Voting to avoid the crowds, rush and parking hassles and spun the wheel last week. Lucky me, I am in a district that is not part of the crazy Knox County Commission hoopla. The presidential primaries are even less interesting ... it's not even a case of choosing the lesser of several evils. I'm just plain old burned out on the whole process, the less-than worthy contenders and the prospects for the next 9 months being filled with nothing but a media frenzy over the election. Can I just check out now and come back after November 4?

I am honestly just sick and tired of the whole damn thing. From Ron Paul crazies that think he can save the world (and his plan for this is .... ?) to Obamessiah worshipers to those who spout talking points straight from the Colbert Report (clue phone for you ... it's parody!) Does Obama really stand for, or against, anything? Why is Hillary getting a total pass from the media on all the scandals, corruption and other unsavory aspects of her past? Why is McCain running on the GOP ticket? He's more liberal than most Democrats! Huckabee is just plain creepy. Romney ... meh, I suppose in a pinch he might do.

I think that a black person or a woman in the White House would be awesome. But not still wet behind the ears Obama, and certainly not Hillary. Condi Rice would get my vote in a heartbeat ... but not because of the color of her skin, or the fact that she owns a pair of ovaries. It would be because she has stared our greatest threat in the eye and called it what it is (although, in her position as SecState, she has been a bit wishy washy in her stance, but I suppose that is necessary in the world of international diplomacy).

At this point, the field of contenders is filled with losers, all of them. The two Democrats simply scare me to death ... they are wimps that would hand over our country on a platter of political correctness while they reach into our wallets to pay for a way to control the most basic aspects of our lives. The two leading Republicans are hardly any better ... I don't see any of them able to repair the damage done from years of Bush Derangement Syndrome by the so-called progressive left/liberals/Democrats. Ron Paul is a nutcase and a racist bastard to boot. It's not a matter of who is the best candidate, nor even who is acceptable, because none of them are. It may come down to who scares me the least. That will be a tough question to answer.

Posted by LissaKay on 02/05/08 at 07:06 PM in Politics
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Since she's being thrown out as a pretend candidate, I'll give my two cents on Condi. A family member worked directly under Colin Powell and Condi Rice. She quickly transferred away from Condi. It's not my place to repeat what she said. She still works in DC government. Let's just say that Cheney and Condi work well together.
Posted by Cathy McCaughan on 02/05 at 09:37 PM
LissaKay's avatar Oh I am plenty sure that I would not like working for Condi, or even having lunch with her. She's the sort of woman that scares me, and that isn't easy to do. However, that same level of toughness is exactly what we need in the White House.

It is an ugly and sad truth that there are thousands of crazy people out there that have declared their desire to bring an end to the US and all of western civilization, and enforce their own restrictive and oppressive lifestyle on us. They have made it abundantly clear that the are willing to die in this effort, preferably taking as many of us infidels along with them as they do so.

Why do they think they can do this? In large part, it is due to weakness in the will of the White House to respond in kind. Jimmy Carter practically rolled over and exposed his underbelly to them when the hostages were taken in 1979. From then on, they have smacked us around at will. Sure, in the grander scheme of things, it was like mosquito bites on an elephant, while to the families and loved ones of those hurt and killed it was a huge tragedy. Reagan and Bush I didn't pay them much mind, as they focused on eliminating Communism, and Clinton gave a few ineffectual swats. Our lack of response emboldened them. They kept on striking.

Osama Bin Laden once said that it was the cut-and-run response at Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down) that encouraged him to go forward with his plans for 9/11. After we struck back and invaded Afghanistan, he then said that he did not expect that sort of response.

I voted for Bush II solely because of his vow to respond harshly and swiftly to terrorists. I am disappointed that he did not follow through as strongly as he could have. All the other issues matter not, in the face of this huge threat.

That threat, while abated somewhat, still exists and requires a strong hand at the helm in order to continue keeping them at bay. I think Condi Rice is strong and determined and brave enough to do just that. I do not think the same for any of the current candidates running for president, and more than one of them wishes to simply surrender, pull our troops back and let Iraq and the Middle East return to being a haven for terrorists.

Posted by LissaKay on 02/06 at 02:09 AM
We just don't seem to be getting the strong, powerful political candidates running for office anymore. Where are the Abe Lincolns or George Washingtons when you need them?
Posted by Isaac on 02/08 at 05:04 PM
I have no real opinion when it comes to making a choice other than it's not going to be republican.

I suppose if there was something to listen to from the Clintons or Obama I'd pay more attention.

Posted by Diva on 02/21 at 05:18 PM

I've been wondering about you...


Posted by serr8d on 02/23 at 01:57 PM
LissaKay's avatar Heya Serr ... I've just been really, really busy as of late. Studying my school books (heavy on the poli-sci this semester!) and looking for work.

When the heck are you gonna come visit out here? Friday would be good ... another blogger is a member of a blues band and is performing at a local place that has regular blogger nights. Google up some "Atomic Horns" and "Ray's ESG" to see what I mean ... then truck on out here Friday.

Posted by LissaKay on 02/27 at 05:57 AM
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