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Strengthen The Good - One Year Later

A revisit to the post that started it all ...

A little over a year ago, Alan Nelson posted at The Command Post about a very special family, Susan Tom and her family of 13 special children, 11 were adopted and many have a variety of extra challenges. Alan was moved by Susan's strength, courage and never-ending optimism. Shortly after watching the documentary about Susan and her family, My Flesh and Blood on HBO, Alan then contemplated the images of Nick Berg being beheaded by Islamist terrorists. He was struck by the complete antithesis of Susan Berg in the evil madness of terrorism. He was motivated to do something. To fight evil, one must strengthen the good.


He first donated $50 to the Tom Family Foundation, and then committed the donations from The Command Post for three days, with the goal of raising $10,000.

Those who remember that post also likely remember what happened next: The initial response was good enough that I set the bold goal of raising $10,000. It turns out I was off base in that goal: In three days we did not raise $10,000--we raised $15,000 for the education of Susan's kids.

In the year since, some things have changed: Susan's son, Anthony, finally lost his battle to cancer just days before Christmas, 2004. And some things have not: Susan continues to raise her family, giving these kids who would otherwise have no shot at all, all the shot in the world.

It was the experience of raising those $15,000, and the good they created for Susan, her kids, and the bloggers and readers who participated, that ultimately led to my creating Strengthen The Good. So, in a sense, Susan's not just responsible for the good she's done for her children--she's also responsible for the creation of this nonprofit, and for the good it's done for others ... for the victims of Hurricane Charley, for Debi Faris, for the Brent Woodall Foundation, and for the students of Petrzalka.

So today, Strengthen The Good is pleased to profile Susan Tom and the Tom Family Education Trust, as I hope to do every May until all her kids have graduated college. She's my hero.

Don't just fight evil, Strengthen the Good

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