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Still kickin’

Yes, I am still alive, and well ... and not in jail. Life has a way of forcing one to prioritize one's activities, and in my life, blogging drops quickly to the bottom of the list. It's enough of a challenge to allocate my time and energy between my children, my parents, work and school ... and then still have something left over for the things I want to do.

I have dropped two of my four classes in an effort to retain what is left of my sanity, and I am reassessing my choice of major. I still do not really know what I want to be when I grow up. What I am doing now is definitely not it ... not anymore, since things changed so much for the worse at work. The morale level there is subterranean, and getting worse by the day. No one gives a damn anymore.

We are slowly getting settled into our new home. The kids are happier here, but have other sources of angst ... such is the life of adolescents. But we do have a rather menacing concern ... a hostile neighbor that has now attacked us twice. It is getting serious and I may have to take drastic steps to remedy the situation, especially since the sheriff's department does not seem at all interested in even taking a report. I wish I still had friends in low places ... they would come in quite handy right about now. I am also seriously giving consideration to exercising my 2nd amendment rights ...

But not all is doom and gloom. I have found a source of happiness that I had thought I would never experience, and I thank God many times every day for bringing him into my life. Suddenly, my future does not seem so frightening and empty ... and that's a pretty awesome feeling. Me likes.

Posted by LissaKay on 09/06/07 at 12:09 AM in Home Life Matters of the Heart Midlife College Adventures
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*peering closely*

I'm sorry...do we know you? You look familiar, but it's been so long......

Posted by Barry on 09/06 at 02:09 AM

Say Uncle sent me over to give you advice regarding your thoughts of purchasing a defensive weapon.

My advice is....do it! It is a great way to ensure your family's safety and have fun at the same time! I recommend a shotgun for home protection and a pistol (concealed) for around the clock protection.

I know next to nothing about your situation, so I would suggest you talk to some folks in your area.

I recommend:
as a great source to begin with. Also, Kim du Toit (http://www.theothersideofkim.com/) has helped me learn bunches about guns, how to find one that fits you and how to think about personal security.

A gun is a very personal choice, so please do not just go out and get what folks recommend. You expect this weapon to save the life of you and your loved ones, so it should be a natural extension of who you are.

Go forth and learn (when you have the time 😉. In my humble opinion, I would opt for a 20 gauge pump shotgun and a .357 Glock (G32, G33, depending on how it feels in your hands).

Congratulations on moving to a new home. I pray things work out well for you and your children.

God Bless,

Posted by Steve on 09/06 at 11:22 PM
You may wish to check out The Cornered Cat; it is written by a woman, and is pertinent for both men and women.
Posted by BobG on 09/13 at 12:09 PM
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