Oh ... Really?

So ... what now?

It's not even 10 hours since my last final was completed, and I am already bored ...

Sure ... I bitched and whined and complained about how I always had something I had to be doing for school. But it kept me busy and somewhat out of trouble. Now, with no looming deadlines or pressure to have some assignment done, or chapter read or a quiz to take, I feel empty. Maybe a little brain-dead too. I can't be burned out already? It's only my 3rd semester!

One thing I do know, I am not happy with my choice to major in Computer Science. Or maybe not happy with this particular program. It's heavy on programming, even requiring classes in COBOL and Fortran, in addition to database management, C++ and some web HTML. I was looking forward to more emphasis on networking, security, information systems, web dev and stuff like that. Aside from web coding, I am not a programmer. That stuff leaves me cold, and I am a total retard with it. Bleck! I just barely squeaked through this class in database management and SQL queries. Gag. Boring stuff.

Then, after my recent career escapades, I am somewhat disillusioned with the whole IT world. In my last job, I was not taken seriously at all. I begged for additional training in other areas - security, account provisioning, and so on. Instead, I was "allowed" to follow up on emails and voice mails, in addition to front line tech support. Then, when I was up for evaluation, I was told that I didn't make an effort to contribute to other areas - like security, account provisioning, etc. Yeah ... just like that.


Burned out much? Go figure, eh?

And so, while I search for another job, my skill set is heaviest in IT and technical support, so that is where I look. I vainly hope that my next job is more satisfying and that my ambitions to learn more, beyond my initial job description, are taken seriously and I can move up from the help desk. I interviewed for a great job last week, but I know I stand only the faintest chance of getting it. No matter what, it will still be too little and too late to salvage Christmas this year, so I am trying to ignore that whole bit of business.

In the meantime though, I am bored.

I have an unholy crapload of yarn, which could keep me good and busy with knitting projects for a couple of decades. I still have stuff to unpack from when we moved here last summer. I could try to get back on the ball and lose this last ten or so pounds ... yoga alone is only helping me maintain my weight, I need to get the cardio and strength training going on again to get the pounds to drop. I have a stack of books to read that has been untouched for the last year or so, since I started school last January. I have a couple of web site projects I started way back when and still haven't finished.

What I would really like to do is run off to a warm, cuddly, cozy place with my favorite person and practice being lazy for a few days ... watch a bunch of TV and movies, read, sleep, shop, surf, eat, sleep some more, play with grandbaby, surf, eat, sleep, watch TV, or whatever strikes our fancy at the moment. (Yes, honey, that is a BIG BOLD HINT!)

But I guess for now, I will just go and get some sleep.

Posted by LissaKay on 12/12/07 at 02:40 AM in Midlife College Adventures
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