Oh ... Really?

So, we went to this little party

All across this great nation, patriots of all ages, colors, backgrounds, and yes, even political party affiliation ... we all came together to raise our voices as one, to send a message to the President and to Congress.

We love our country and the principles it was founded upon. Our founding fathers came to these shores to escape tyranny and a controlling government. They risked and many lost their lives to secure these freedoms for themselves and for future generations. Today, we face a new threat to our continued freedom and liberty. Yesterday, we sent a message that said we cannot allow such a threat to stand against ourselves and our children.

I was not able to be at the Tea Party in Knoxville for very long. I got there almost at the end of it, but I was still able to see for myself that I am not alone in hoping for a better future, not alone in being willing to do whatever is necessary for that better future. The grumbling that began during the Bush I administration over government spending is now becoming a roar of righteous indignation. We look at the numbers and we are horrified. How will we pay back these trillions of dollars being thrown away? Or more to the point, how will our children and grandchildren pay this huge bill being racked up? What this irresponsible and reckless government spending means for the future of this country is not pretty. It is very possible that our great-grandchildren will speak Mandarin Chinese as their native language ... if they are allowed to even be born, that is. When we are broke and bankrupt, and we surely will be in just a few years if things do not drastically turn around, it will be nations like China and India that will be paying off these "loans" the government is taking out.

And then there is the matter of what that money is being spent on. I do not work so I can pay other people's mortgage. I do not work so I can pay for their health care. I do not work so that I can rescue banks, auto companies and investment firms that acted irresponsibly. I work to support myself and my family. Of my own free will, I give to charities that help the less fortunate. I chafe at being forced to give to the less responsible.

There is a difference, you know.

So, I joined 2500 others with my husband and we sent a message to Washington (yes, even though the dufus president is too dumb to even know what was happening all across the country). We don't like this one little bit, and we aim to take our country back. These are people that understand finance and economics, and what it means to be fiscally responsible. These bail-outs and ginormous spending bills are not fiscally responsible at all.

Yet, there remains a contingent of Obama fans that cling to his every move and actually believe whatever he does is golden. Wrong. I laugh at the ignorant people that look at the extra $12 - 15 in their paycheck and think, Wow! A tax cut! Wrong again ... it is a reduction in withholding. It is still tax money that must be paid at tax time. To make it simple ... think of your last tax refund. Now subtract $400. That is about what you will get next year. Is it a negative number? Oh, then you will owe the IRS that much! It is not a tax cut, rebate or credit. You have been duped if you think it is. The ignorance I see regarding these spending bills and the country's economy is simply astounding.

The hate and violent imagery being flung by the leftists is, sadly, not so surprising. One commenter on a blog actually wished that I would be essentially raped. The blog owner, someone I used to consider a friend, thought it was funny. I wonder if he would think it so funny if someone were to say the same thing about his wife, only making the attacking party to be Rush Limbaugh. The person that left the vulgar comment then went on to attack me personally because I am a Christian ... not the points I made or anything I said at all, which was a reasoned and polite refutation of the blog post, but a personal attack against me because of my faith and beliefs. Then she(?) had the audacity to try to say she is a fine, upstanding, moral person who is tolerant of all, and not a bit hateful.

Oh ... REALLY?

This is what I have come to expect from leftists, and sadly, it appears that it is just going to get worse in the coming years. That's fine. Bring it. I really do not care what they think of me, or say about me. I pity their poor, empty souls.

But anyway, at the Tea Party, we had fun. Unlike the anti-war or pro-abortion or anti-Bush/GOP protests we have seen over the years, there was very little negativity at the Tea Parties. Reports from all cities all said that people were out, with their friends and families, enjoying the company of many others that share their love of country and pride of nation. All I saw was smiles. I heard laughing, watched children playing. Yes, people were passionate about their views at times, but it was not the anger, the rage, that is seen at Code Pink rallies and the like.

I watch with amusement at some leftists and the media as they try to portray these Tea Parties as something they were not. They attack us viciously and violently. Melissa Clouthier made a great comparison: Tea bag Envy and the Left's Lack of Imagination . And somewhere I saw it suggested that the next round of Tea Parties include the Main Stream Media as targets of protest. After the egregious behavior of one CNN reporter, I cannot agree more - it's time to push back. When reporters stop reporting the news and do nothing more than make it their own biased perspective, they have lost their claim to the right of freedom of the press.

It is time ... way past time ... to take back our country. This is only the beginning.

God Bless America!
Posted by LissaKay on 04/16/09 at 08:50 PM in Neat Stuff
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Mom, all I have to say about this post is that you know full and well that there is no such thing as "pro-abortion." Thats ridiculous. And again I state (even though you deny/can't remember) that not long ago (fall 2007, when we moved into the apartment) you said the words (maybe not exactly) "I would never, personally, have an abortion, I couldn't do it, period, but I do believe that they should be legal because I do not control other people, and if they were illegal, then we will end up like we were with back alley and backseat abortions, which take more lives."

Thats all. =]

P.S. What do you want for your birthday?

Posted by Miss Thang on 04/20 at 09:13 PM
LissaKay's avatar Actually, there are people that are indeed pro-abortion. Just recently, a female Anglican priest said, "Abortion is a blessing". Also, there were many who said that both Sarah and Bristol Palin should have had abortions, instead of giving birth to their babies. Still others have said that a woman isn't truly a woman until she has an abortion. I find those views to be disgusting beyond the pale.

I believe (and this belief has become stronger in recent years), that abortion is wrong and is murder of innocent life. However, I am not comfortable with any measures to make it illegal as those regulations could infringe on our privacy and autonomy over our bodies in other respects. So, I would hesitate to advocate for most legal restrictions on abortions.

Does that clear things up some?

Posted by LissaKay on 04/20 at 09:39 PM
yes, ma'am. I also find those views disgusting.

what do you want for your birthday? and mothers day?

Posted by Miss Thang on 04/21 at 06:49 PM
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