Oh ... Really?

Six days, 1 hour and 53 minutes

That is about how long it has been since I last smoked a cigarette.

My darling daughter will be thrilled, so will my parents. My son ... I don't think he's noticed. He has a girlfriend. The rest of the world does not exist.

I am about to crawl right out of my skin. I cannot sleep longer than an hour at a time. I now know what it is like to have ADHD ... I cannot stop moving, something must be moving, bounce a leg, wiggle a foot, rock the chair ... KNIT! That truly helps ... I carry a couple of knitting projects with me to work and I can make it through lunch and breaks, and I am making wonderful progress on a couple of things. But I was nearly screaming at people today though.

People try to be helpful ... smokers and former smokers understand. Some smokers seem a bit resentful and say stuff like, "You'll be back to the smoking area in no time" ... if they say anything at all. Former smokers are great ... mucho sympathy and support there. The worst are those who never smoked. Just STFU already, OK? Yes, I know you think it smells and must taste nasty ... sorry, it doesn't. Smoking was one of my little pleasures in life. There is nothing like that after dinner smoke ... nothing! The first one in the morning with the cup of coffee ... oh yeah. Makes getting out of bed worth it. Don't denigrate smoking like that ... it is not helpful, and when I defend my pleasure in smoking, it engenders an almost irresistable desire to say fuggedabout it and bum a smoke. Leave the editorial comments out. I know I smell better now, and I will live longer. STFU and clap and cheer if you must make noise. Be supportive or go away. I am in just the right mood to rip someone's head off and shit down their neck ... mmkay?

In other news ... Dakota continues to recover quite nicely. He had a check up on Saturday. The vet said there were no cancerous cells ... whew! My biggest fear is relieved. He will need long term antibiotic therapy though, the infection he had is a chronic type. But this kitty is very much worth it.

Combining candy corn and peanuts is really yummy. Konfabulator rocks. I am very happy that the summer heat blast is over. I had some other thoughts recently that I was going to blog ... my brains are out on a smoke break though. I am seriously feeling stupid these days. I hope this goes away soon.

Posted by LissaKay on 09/28/05 at 04:55 AM in Personal
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