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Nice Shoes!

I swear ... what IS it with women and shoes? We are obsessed ... either we love them madly, or despite them greatly. Must be comfy, must be pretty, must be versatile ... with the occasional exception of the shoes meant for one particular outfit. Must have matching handbag and belt.

I go shoe shopping when I want to torture myself. The ONE part of my body that is not affected by weight gain or loss ... and I have friggin' duck feet! Right across the ball of my foot, I am extra wide. Wide-width combined with pretty shoes just does not happen every day. But there have been those rare miracles.

So I set out to find the perfect pair of shoes ... ones that will go with my everyday black casual twill pants, as well as with the yummy faux-moleskin skirt I just got. If they go well with jeans too ... HOME RUN! Triple play! A day to celebrate indeed!

This was not my time though ... the perfect shoe eluded me once again. However, in one of the stores I shopped at, I got a special 25% off coupon. This store is a little different ... Shoe Carnival, where shoe shopping is FUN! Uh huh ... Anyway, about every hour they hold a little event or contest and they give away discounts determined by the winner spinning the Wheel of Savings. While I was there, they had a contest for who had the heaviest purse. The ladies lined up for the weigh in. I was stuck a few rows back trying to cram my fat-assed feet into yet another pair of sexy, but way-too-narrow slides. I queued up at the end of the line to watch the action. The first contestant weighed in at 3 and a half pounds. Then there was 4 ... 4 and half, everyone was hitting these poundages, more or less. Then it was my turn. I handed my purse over ... a whopping 5, yes FIVE and one-quarter pounds! (Thanks to two wallets, a cell phone, a Palm Pilot with a modem, a tire gauge, tons of make-up and various and sundry pens, pins, quarters and God-knows-what-else)

And I had just cleaned that sucker out that morning .... go figure.
Posted by LissaKay on 10/14/03 at 02:34 AM in Neat Stuff
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I liked the shoe story...I will link to it in an upcoming entry.

i wrote a book about shoes you should know about, Bootism: a shoe religion. http://www.bootism.com
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Posted by Michael on 11/18 at 08:39 PM
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