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Room Noises

It is not often that I come across music that makes me gasp as chills run up my spine ... I am quite particular about what I consider "good music" and you can surmise quite correctly that rap and punk have no place in my listening repetoire. But my darling daughter popped a new CD of hers into the player in the car one day, and I was immediately enthralled, enchanted and almost giddy with the pleasure the music gave me. The CD: Room Noises, the band: Eisley

Eisley is comprised of three sisters, their brother and their best friend, still in their teens, from Tyler, TX. The sisters provide the main vocals with sweet, clear voices that blend and harmonize as only siblings can. The instrumental is imaginative, complete and enhances the lyrics, which could be drawn from a dream journal or a stream of consciousness ...

Its happening all the time
When I open my eyes
I'm still taken by suprise
I hold sunlight and swallow fireflies
And it makes me want to cry

-Brightly Wound


And in the corner chair
soft and soap-scented
my darling cries apologies
We foresee the mercy
That's been shown my young limbs
Will not go unthanked or unseen

Wake up in the morning I shall
Wake up and so shall you
And I wake up, the sun is beautiful
And it is warming you and I
Fragile as we lie

-One Day I Slowly Floated Away

I visualize music. There is some special name for that, but I forget right at the moment. This music is bright pastels and primary colors, smooth and rolling, swirling. There are no blank spots, no white space. It is full, complete and clear. Days and hours after the CD stops playing, the music continues to flow through my head. It is the most pleasant ear worm I have ever had, so much so that when it begins to fade, I seek out the CD to play it again to get it back into my head.

I play music to match my mood, to either relieve it or enhance it ... when I am angry, Paula Cole. When my heart aches, Alanis. When I am mellow, Dan Fogelberg. When I'm jazzed and cool, Seal. Eisley has the magical ability to match whatever mood I am in, and does what I need ... to enhance or relieve. These kids have truly produced some magic. Go to the Amazon link above and play some of the clips. Or if you have MusicMatch Jukebox, you can play all their songs on the Radio there. See if you aren't just as enchanted with these kids as I am ...

Ooooh ... and I see that they are performing next month in Nashville ... oooohhhh. And just about the right time for darling daughter's sweet 16. I wonder how I could make that happen.

Posted by LissaKay on 02/14/06 at 05:14 AM in Music
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