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Performancing ... reviewing a new blogging tool

I came across this nifty blogging tool extension for Firefox ... Performancing.com This is a free service that provides tools to bloggers, like this in-browser blog editor as a Firefox extension. It comes pre-packaged with default settings for the more well-known blogging tools, like MT and WordPress, but it was simple as can be to set up my ExpressionEngine blog with the BloggerAPI module. First off, it does not offer the option to post content into the various template fields that I have set up. I can't imagine though, how that would be possible unless it could read my templates. I also don't see any way to upload images ... oh wait, there it is. And yes, it does upload to FTP. It has some options that looks like it would upload to some hosted services, like Blogger or Typepad. But again, I have custom tags and attributes set up in the EE tool that can't be replicated here. I see this as a on-the-fly blogging tool, and I would want to go back in and edit later.

So ... let's publish and see what happens next ...

Well ... hmmm. OK, now that it has published, and I go back in to edit, I now have access to the other template fields. But it lost the title I gave the post. The tool also does not pick up the titles of previous posts, nor does it find my categories.

Let's fill in the template fields, and republish ...

Hrmm ... this is not going well. It's sticking in the template tags as text by converting symbols to entities. It does something weird to the time and date also. This tool has promise, but it still needs a lot of work. It may be that EE is just a bit too complex for something like this.

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Posted by LissaKay on 06/03/06 at 01:28 PM in Blogging
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