Oh ... Really?

Pampers Alert!

On the count of three, EVERYONE PANIC!

Ready? Set? Go.

In a press statement, BWXT, the plant's operator said "appropriate protective actions" have been taken for Y-12 employees who are not involved in the emergency response.

"No protective action recommendations have been issued for areas outside the Y-12 boundary and none are anticipated," the contractor said.

Nothing to see here, folks ... move along. You can go change your britches now. You, and everyone else, is safe and sound ... at least from the scary radiation. You put yourself in greater danger and at higher risk when you drive to the grocery store, take a bath, mow the lawn or any number of other ordinary, normal activities. The only significant news out of this incident is that the emergency procedures worked. If the paper reported on each and every incident that happened in the workplace wherein no one got hurt, no environmental damage was done and all the safety procedures worked, the daily paper would be three inches thick!

Geez ... the paranoia over radioactive materials is just amazing!

Posted by LissaKay on 03/15/07 at 12:39 PM in Local News
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