Oh ... Really?

One whole year without a monkey on my back

Right at about this time, one year ago today, I smoked my last cigarette. It was not a pretty journey, but here I am ... and pretty darn proud of myself. I have since discovered that smokers are less affected by caffeine than non-smokers, so that was part of the insomnia. The jitters are the physical withdrawal from nicotine, so a patch or gum would have helped with that. In the year since then, I have experienced the upheaval of a company change at work, a lay-off, six weeks of unemployment, the break-in and theft of items from my home, the never-ending trials of dealing with a teen with bipolar disorder, a job that I hated so much I would have preferred poking my eyes out with toothpicks, my dad in the hospital three times, a new job, my daughter moving in with me, a move to a new home.

Holy crap. I done did good.

imageSo I got myself a little present ... a local yarn store is closing, and everything is 50% off.
Oh yeah ... over $200 worth of high quality yarn ... squeeee! And I spent less than a month's worth of cigarettes!

(Click the pic for biggie-size yarn pr0nage)

Posted by LissaKay on 09/22/06 at 12:45 AM in Knitting Personal
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The other day I was driving (to buy beer, which has no bearing on the story other than that I like beer) and listening to a Sublime CD that I hadn't listened to in years, and it had me jonesing for a cig. Been off it now for 4 years, but that took me right back.

Posted by AT on 09/22 at 10:16 AM
Congrats, I've been smoke free for three years now. Quiting the cigarettes was one of the best things I've done in my life.
Posted by Bos on 09/24 at 10:04 PM
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