Oh ... Really?

Oh ... Really?

Oh ... Really? Part Deux

OK ... I installed Movable Type. And survived the ordeal. When I have some time (har har har!!) I will try to port this blog over to that. Nucleus has been OK ... but it is so damn picky, and customization is a royal pain. With MT, all the styles and such are applied through the control panel. With Nucleus, one has to create a separate style-sheet, upload, edit, re-upload. The installation of a plug-in can cause all kinds of hell, as I found out. I enabled FancyURLS here, and lost most of my graphics. I had to go back in and set absolute file paths for all of them. And it is still losing them on occasion.

So ... during the transition, probably this weekend, visits to this site may bring some rather ugly results. I was going to use the template I made with the orchid, but today I discovered a treasure trove of gorgeous photos, all free, royalty-free, high-res and absolutely beautiful! I won't be able to make up my mind which one to use for a template. Oh the agony of decisions!

I also got to playing around with Fireworks, and made myself a Link-to-Me button. It's over on the left ... click on it for copy-paste HTML code to put it on your site. I also made buttons, also over on the left, for a couple of my bestest online buddies, Steve and Sharon. There's a couple more in the works ... so be on the lookout for the Goodie Fairy to bring tiny little bits of goodness your way!

Oh ... and one last thing before I retire ...


It would be even better if I didn't have to go to work ... but I will take what I can get!
Posted by LissaKay on 08/12/03 at 04:07 PM in Web Mistress
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