Oh ... Really?

Oh goody. Another Presidential Campaign.

Every four years, during the election season, I really should just take a long vacation in a cave somewhere. It would surely help save my sanity, and preserve my ability to love my neighbor. I tend to be quite pragmatic, usually arriving at my opinions of political issues using logic, rather than emotion. It grates on the nerves to see so much knee-jerking emotional reactions to issues that really do bear careful scrutiny ... it just sets my teeth on edge. I got up today, logged into my RSS reader, and was aghast at the level of idiocy being played out on blogs and by pundits from both sides of the aisle. Then it started on Twitter. I made one statement, to the effect that I wondered why supposedly empowered "feminists" were so threatened by a truly empowered, true feminist like Sarah Palin. The hate email was flowing within minutes! (thank goodness for Gmail filters ... it's all automatically deleted). I had no time for debate today, a new semester of college started this week, and I am already scrambling for time to get everything done. So, I tuned out, turned off and focused on my books. I already have Twitter and GReader trimmed down to only posts from people I know, and a few news outlets ... I don't have time now to participate in the discussion, even if I really wanted to. So, this post will stand as my statement on this election. It may, or may not change over time. I may, or may not have anything further to say at a later date. It is what it is ....

For the last few months, I have watched with a jaundiced eye the rise of Obama as the savior of America, or so his adherents would have us believe. I have been somewhat reluctant to simply buy into the fever of adoration without some plausible reason to do so. The more I read and researched, however, the more convinced I have become that he will be anything but a savior of anything ... save his own ego and political aspirations. The few policies he proposes, when not an outright pipe dream, smack heavily of socialism. The rest of his platform is vague and noncommittal at best. His nomination acceptance speech put to rest any notion that I might in any way support his candidacy at all. It was bitter, angry and divisive, blaming Bush for all the ills of the world, parroting every anti-Bush talking point we have been hearing from the left for the last 8 years, even when they have been firmly refuted. But the beat goes on. Obama then outlined his "plan" for renewable energy ... I supposed he is Hoping that his constituents are so blinded by their adulation of him that they won't bother to run the numbers and see for themselves what an insane plan it is. Or maybe he thinks we are just that stupid. Or maybe he is, and he thinks we won't notice?

And I haven't even gotten to the part where his associations with less than savory characters (domestic terrorists, racists, embezzlers), to include his wife, give me indigestion just to think those people would have the ear of the President. We'd have the fine Chicago Political Machine Goes to Washington ... and it would not be pretty at all.

So then we get Joe Biden as his running mate. Oh boy. So much for all that Hopey Changefulness we had been promised. But at least Biden makes up for Obama's complete lack of foreign policy and diplomatic exchange experience. I suppose the Obamaniacs are able to overlook the fact that Biden is an abject failure at it, at least he has the experience, right? Oh, and he totally supports Obama, too.

If there were any glimmer of hope that I might have positive thoughts regarding Mr. Obama, they came to an abrupt and final halt when I learned that he is in favor of letting unwanted newborn babies die. These are newly born, breathing (barely), living babies outside of the womb, with a chance at living. Obama voted against requiring medical or even palliative care to be given to survivors of abortion ... they could be simply left on a table, alone, uncovered, cold, gasping for breath ... until they die. It's bad enough to consider killing an unborn baby as a way of avoiding an inconvenience, an imperfect child, or as a back up to failed birth control, but this is way over the top. Normally, I give little credence to a presidential candidates views on abortion ... for one, there are much greater considerations on the table - the economy, national defense, etc. Secondly, the issue of abortion, as it stands now, is legislated at the state level. But this was an active policy decision made by Obama while he was a senator ... a completely abhorrent one at that. When considered with all the other less than savory facts about the man, it paints a very ugly picture of a human being indeed.

McCain, on the other hand, he has a similarly checkered past. Most notable is his sponsorship of the McCain-Feingold Bill, which could be extrapolated to abrogating our right to free speech. In some other ways, McCain seems totally out of touch with American life and values. The questionable manner in which he went from one wife to the next is a major creep factor. However, his determination to see the Iraq War through to a victorious conclusion, and to maintain the strong vigilance of our national security are hot button topics for me. It will be a tough decision come November 5th if I could allow this one factor, albeit a huge one for me, to allow me to hold my nose and pull the lever for McCain.

But his choice of running mate just made that a teensy bit easier. Actually, I wish we could switch it around and make it the Palin - McCain ticket. Or the Palin - Rice ticket ...that would be most awesome. With Fred Thompson as Secretary of State. Or Defense. But I digress.

Sarah Palin is one of those rarest of creatures, a politician with integrity, courage and vision. She took on a corrupt political machine (like the one that created The Obama), and put it firmly out of business, reaching across the party divide and laying the smack down on both sides. She won her office against incredible odds, battling the same political machine that she later dismantled. She supports the big oil companies when they deserve it, and smacks them down when they need it too. She is mindful of the environment, but not to the point of tree-hugging ridiculousness. She knows that drilling in the ANWR will endanger nothing (taking up less than one-tenth of 1% of the total area, and affecting no wildlife, forest or fauna). She just does what is right, regardless of who the players are.

But in less than 24 hours of McCain's announcement that Palin was to be his running mate, the left cranked up the hate machine ... keeping it classy as usual. First up, we have accusations that her baby really isn't her baby ... that it is the child of her oldest daughter. I spent about 15 minutes with Google and came up with a number of hits that lay that bit of idiocy to rest, including statements made last April in the news when she went into labor at a governor's meeting in Texas, and pictures of her with her newborn, sporting that puffy face that is so often seen on new mommies. So she wasn't hugely and obviously pregnant ... the baby was a month early, and was small. And if she was trying to cover for a pregnant teen daughter, wouldn't she have tried to make it really obvious that it was she that was pregnant? Finally, isn't it her (and her daughter's) choice to deal with this pregnancy however they see fit? Isn't it no one else's business, only their private affair? Or is "choice" only something women can have if the choice is whether to kill their baby or not, and the only privacy she is afforded is when she does so?

UPDATE: Game over on this stupid, vicious rumor. Here she is, very pregnant, and here she is,just after giving birth ... with that puffy, swollen face that just about every new mommy has. And a news article about the newborn: Palins' child diagnosed with Down Syndrome that quotes two doctors, including her personal OB-Gyn who stated that after a consultation by phone, gave her OK to continue traveling home from Texas just before giving birth a month early.

This, I can see, is just the beginning of a very long and ugly hate-fest that will be part of this campaign. It may be somewhat amusing, as everything that can be thrown at Palin can rightly be turned back around at the haters ... especially the feminists. Sarah Palin is the epitome of an empowered woman, she typifies true feminism, and she does so while raising a large family, in a loving marriage to a down-to-earth husband, running a state government, fighting political corruption and upholding conservative values ... and that really pisses off the already angry, man-hating, woman-victimizing feminist left, because they have nothing to argue against!

She just almost might make it possible for me to pull the lever for McCain. Almost.

Now, it time to get back to the books ... joy.

Posted by LissaKay on 08/31/08 at 12:30 AM in Politics
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Oh, dear. I hope I didn't sound hateful. If I did, I'm sorry.
Posted by newscoma on 08/31 at 11:38 AM
Great post. And I wouldn't worry about people who can't have a discussion/disagreement and remain civil. Usually they aren't worth talking with anyway--at least you can sort them out easily.
Posted by sadcox on 08/31 at 11:57 AM
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