Oh ... Really?

Oh for Pete’s Sake!

Yes, folks ... from right here in beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee we have a woman who claims she was "injured" when she "and others" viewed a bare breast. Oh the tragedy! The horror! Bare flesh! On TV!

Terri Carlin wants to make Janet Jackson's bare breast into a federal case.

Carlin filed a proposed class action lawsuit in U.S. District Court Wednesday against Jackson, singer Justin Timberlake, broadcasters MTV and CBS and their parent company, Viacom.

Carlin alleges that she and others who watched the halftime show during Sunday's Super Bowl were injured by the performers' lewd actions when Timberlake ripped off part of Jackson's costume, exposing her breast.

In the lawsuit, Carlin charges that the exposure and "sexually explicit conduct" by other performers during the show injured viewers.

"As a direct and proximate result of the broadcast of the acts, (Carlin) and millions of others saw the acts and were caused to suffer outrage, anger, embarrassment and serious injury," the lawsuit says.

But Carlin, who works in a bank, doesn't specify the type of injury allegedly suffered.

Now, I am not real thrilled with that little show ... but not because of the bare boob. Those I can deal with. The whole act between JJ and JT was one that depicted violence toward and subjugation of women. That we could use a whole lot less of. But file a lawsuit over it? Get real!

I can only hope that Ms Carlin is laughed out of the courtroom and fined for wasting the court's time and the tax payers' money. Talk about the need to get a freakin life ....

Posted by LissaKay on 02/06/04 at 02:03 AM in Oh ... Really?
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I agree with "Oh Pete's sake"....Actually i say, "Oh for crissakes" Enough already!!!!!!! JJ apologized enough, and Lord knows we have all seen alot worse on Tv than a quick shot of JJ's boob!It was a mistake. It wasn't planned for JJ and JT to purposely expose her boob, it just happen... Come on people...get a grip and move on. There's so many more problems in the world today than this that we all need to be focusing on!! As for this woman in Tenn. Terry Carlin, OMG what injuries did you sustain anyway? It's all in yer head lady, all in yer head!!!

Posted by Jerry on 02/08 at 05:05 PM
Does this woman have a life? Better yet, does she have breasts? Are they really that disturbing to view? Please!
Perhaps if we all call her at home (865) XXX-XXX and tell her what a big deal this WASN'T, maybe she'll get a clue. And a life.

Posted by CV on 02/09 at 07:59 PM
@CV ...

She may be a twit for bringing this lawsuit, and may be in dire need of a real life, but it just ain't cool to post her phone number on the 'Net, very not cool ... capiche?

Posted by LissaKay on 02/09 at 09:30 PM
If you want to contact the law firm who filed this suit for Terri Carlin, and tell them just how stupid they and their client are -- visit this website: http://www.stopstupidlawsuits.com/
Contact information (including an email address) for Ms. Carlin's lawyer, as well as info on where to write the Governer of Tennessee, are all available on this site. Be sure to check out the links to letters the webmaster has already written. Cheers!

Posted by Teri on 02/10 at 01:44 AM
Where does the term - "For Pete's sake come from???
Posted by Kenny on 04/15 at 02:00 AM
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