Oh ... Really?

No se habla, Bloglines

What. In. The. Hell???

This is getting to be quite annoying ... Bloglines is messed up bad. I live by Bloglines. My time online is at a premium, and to be able to keep up, Bloglines makes it very easy and fast to get the information and news I need. Or at least it did.

The other day, the language changed all of a sudden to, I think, Portugese? I had to go to the home page and select English again. Today, it is some language with a different character set, because the page is filled with ???????? ... check it out:

(click for full size)


I sent an email to Bloglines asking what's up ... haven't heard anything yet. A quick bit of Googling shows that I am not the only one enjoying this bit of interweb weirdness ...

And some of my feeds are not updating either. I'm looking around for an alternative ...

Posted by LissaKay on 01/18/06 at 01:19 AM in Blogging
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