Oh ... Really?

My Own Magazine Stand!

I have so many issues, I could open my own magazine stand!

So this must be what going insane feels like ...

MovableType is a pain in the ass. It needs ImageMagick to manipulate images, but it says it is not installed. But it is installed ... I use it here in ExpressionEngine every time I post a picture in an entry. It works wonderfully. The people at MT say it's a problem with my hosting server, my hosting people say it's a problem with MT and they would be happy to install it for me ... for the low, low hourly fee of ... I don't even want to know. I told them it is already installed, that is not the issue. I would not be bothering with MT, but I need it for a group assignment project that is due next week.

SmartFTP, my FTP client of choice, is giving me fits, and I can't find the solution in their help files or user forums. I have wasted way too much time trying to fix that too. I am wasting time posting on my blog also. Oh well.

I also have another assignment due TOMORROW in my database class. I am supposed to use MS SQL Server software to do it. The CD was supposed to have been sent to me two weeks ago. It was just put in the mail today. Oh, and the midterm exam is next Thursday. In Clarksville, which is about 200 miles away.

We are trying to find a car for Ms Thang. She has negotiated a loan from her grandparents, and is looking for something suitable. That's tough enough. But trying to get a time when both of us can look at the car, between my schedule and hers - school and work, along with the seller, and getting it checked out by our mechanic, is enough to try the patience of a saint. Doing this with a 17 year old drama queen extraordinaire? I should get a medal ... and combat pay.

I have exactly 10 days to produce a company web site ... on a barebones Windows server box. No PHP, no PERL, no SQL ... nothing. It is essentially a file server hooked up to the internet. And they want it to include a catalog of the training courses they offer ... which they have in an Excel spreadsheet, which needs to be imported into a database, which then could be made into a user clickable menu that would show the categories, the courses and the course synopses. Easy peasy, thought I and envisioned any number of content management systems that could easily handle this task, while I concentrated on the styling of the site. But noooo! Such things as CMS applications require nifty things like SQL databases and PHP! The only solution I can think of at the moment is to install something on my hosted server (which has all those neat bells and whistles) and use that to generate static HTML pages. Then I could copy those over to the company server.

One good thing though ... I got my copy of "Drunk, Divorced and Covered in Cat Hair" in the mail today! Yay! I am really tempted to drop everything and just go read! Laurie, whose site is Crazy Aunt Purl, is an absolute hoot! I just love her craziness and can relate SO well to so many things she says ... she just says them a lot funnier than I ever could! Check her out ... you'll be glad you did.

I think a nice yoga class is definitely in order for this evening. Followed by a large quantity of chocolate, preferably in the form of ice cream ...

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Hey, LissaK, we need an update!

I've welcomed TennViews in my own way...

Your turn!

Posted by Serr8d on 10/27 at 06:37 PM
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