Oh ... Really?

Expression Engine 1.3 released!

Expression Engine v 1.3 is up and running. This release has a whole bunch of new features and a total re-do of the control panel. It will take some getting used to as everything is moved around a bit. It's looking slick ... real slick.

If you are a registered member and logged in, click on Your Account over on the left and see what new goodies are there for you. You can choose an avatar that I will set up so it appears whenever you leave a comment on a post. You can also create a signature for your comments. There is now a forum module available, but I have not purchased and installed it yet ... how much interest would there be in that here? Let me know ... if enough folks want it, I will set it up. There are some other goodies too ... I am still exploring.

I've not been keeping up here for a while ... work has been kicking my butt, my computer has been giving me major headaches with my internet connection, something weird has been going on with my email, and I have just simply been exhausted. But I hope that I am back in the saddle again and can devote more time to the site. Maybe ...

Stay tuned for some more big news!

Posted by LissaKay on 07/03/05 at 08:24 PM in Blogging
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