Oh ... Really?

Lazy Sunday

There's nothing quite like hanging out in your jammies until way into the afternoon to make for a lazy, do-nothing day.

imageEven the cats got in on the laziness today. There's little of their manic racing up and down the hall. Now a thunderstorm has sent them scurrying under the bed. This is a noisy one!

imageYes, Dakota has his own pillow, and both cats have their own blanket they sleep on. On my bed. They are spoiled rotten.

imageOne thing these cats do not lack for is attention. If they aren't getting enough, they make sure that I take notice of this. Faith will sometimes jump right up on my desk. Most of the time, she will just tap me on the arm.

imageimageAfter spending several hours at AdventureCon, I am fully reassured that I have a definite place within the realm of normal. Talk about freaks on parade! But as crowds go, I'll take a gathering of geeks and freaks over just about anything else. Nice, polite, well-mannered ... for the most part, just plain old good folk. And this wedding in costume, including the sobbing bride's mother and wedding party was too cute.

imageBut then again ... some things just defy the words needed to describe just how utterly wrong they are.

We got to hear a wonderful talk by Ron Glass, who played Shepherd Book in Firefly and Serenity. What an amazing person he is! Warm, funny and friendly and has a laugh that is just infectious! I didn't get any pics of him, or autographs ... $25 is a bit too much for my blood, for a signature on a piece of paper, proceeds to charity notwithstanding. But I did get a t-shirt and a hoodie from the Southeastern Browncoats fan table, and met some folks involved with that. Now I have a big ole hankerin' to get to Dragon*Con!

Posted by LissaKay on 06/03/07 at 06:39 PM in Geeky Chick
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