Oh ... Really?

It’s Official

The holiday season starts tonight ... at least it does in my world.

Tonight is the night of the Knoxville appearance of the Trans-siberian Orchestra in concert. I saw them last year when they were here and was absolutely blown away by the show. It is truly nothing short of incredible, dazzling, awesome, inspiring ... there just are not words enough to describe the intensity of the experience.

I hear that there will be other bloggers in attendance ... Michael Silence and Rob Huddleston ... wouldn't it be cool if TSO did like the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra and invited bloggers as special guests in return for blogging about their experience? Eh?

I'm just sayin' is all .... :cheese:

Must run to get in the shower, then cook dinner. I'm wiggling with excitement!

UPDATE: The show was, of course, awesomely spectacular. We saw Cathy and Doug's son, Tommy, who was there with his grandmother. Rob Huddleston and wife were across the aisle and two rows up ... we weren't able to catch up to them to say hello though. Never saw Michael Silence. While waiting in line to get in, I checked my feeds via Pocket PC (OMGz I loves me some PPC phone!) and found out that Netmom and hubby were there also, but I didn't see them either. We stayed afterwards standing in line to get autographs and chat with the musicians. They were, as before, warm and gracious. It was a wonderful evening of fantastic music by one of the most awesome groups around ... and it really wasn't all that bad that the chairs on the floor were a little close, it meant 2 hours of cuddling with my favorite person! 😊

Posted by LissaKay on 11/07/07 at 04:18 PM in Entertainment
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