Oh ... Really?

Is EVERYTHING Partisan Now?

The Atomictumor gang is all excited about this band, Christabel and the Jons. AT saw them last weekend at a Knoxville night spot, and they are slated to appear this week at Sundown in the City on Thursday, then again in Oak Ridge on Friday. AT has some awesome taste in music, so I went to check them out a little more. If I can work up the courage to actually go out in public by myself, I might even go see them. It also happens that they are appearing at Vestival on Saturday, which is an arts and heritage festival being held in South Knoxville. I read of this in the Metro Pulse ... an alternative paper for the Knoxville area. Therein lies the crux of my rant ...

This is not about the politics of AtomicTumor, or Christabel and the Jons, or Oak Ridge or Knoxville - that's just for context ... it IS about the general climate in this country, of which this is an example.

They're expecting a big crowd. Saturday at 9:30, police will even close down Maryville Pike. But a lot of people are wondering what the crowd will look like. Festival organizers are inviting everybody, old and young, and they've got keen interest from across South Knoxville's often-contentious political spectrum. It's safe to say that the particular group of people who will convene at the old Candoro place have never been in the same place before.

WTF? Just how does politics play into an arts and crafts festival? Why does it matter what the political persuasion of the other people is at this festival? It's not a rally or protest is it? There's not even an upcoming election for candidates to stump for. Why is this even mentioned? It would also seem to imply that there have been similar events where people of a certain political persuasion were not invited or welcomed.

Has America really become so politically stratified that one has to check out the pulse of a crowd before one goes, lest they find themselves in a minority amidst people who hold differing opinions? Are we afraid of catching cooties from each other? Are we no longer mature and dignified enough to be able to agree to disagree on certain topics and remain friends otherwise? Or at least get along enough to be able to attend events together?

What the hell has happened to America? Have our individual identities been reduced to what political party we vote for or align with? Must we choose, else we don't "belong"?

This is disgusting. This country needs to get a grip and grow the hell up.

Posted by LissaKay on 05/07/07 at 03:24 PM in Oh ... Really?
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Amen, sister.

Thanks for echoing my post (or did I echo you? Did we echo each other? Can two voices echo in a void? Ok, I need to stop now.)

This is a big reason Knox Bloggers agree not to discuss politics when we get together for a Blogger Bash, because inevitably arguments will erupt, intelligences will be maligned and feelings will be hurt. Which is a shame, because I'd love to see a nice, controlled discussion between bloggers of different political persuasions. But for some reason politics has become synonymous with ethics and morality - if I impugn your political stance, I pass judgment on your character. And that's just wrong.

The Knox Bloggers group appears to have overcome most of that immaturity, at least in public. We can still snipe at each other from time to time on our sites but it's mostly good-natured. Others exist to live only in a vacuum of their own making, and prejudices rush in to fill the voids. Sad.

Posted by Barry on 05/09 at 10:03 AM
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