Oh ... Really?

Iraq Votes

Oh. My. God.

This is a MUST see.
On January 30, 2005, the people of Iraq stood against the terrorists by voting in elections for a national assembly which will draft a permanent constitution for the country. The moral and physical courage of the Iraqi voters has inspired observers around the world. As President Bush put it in his 2005 State of the Union address, "In any nation, casting your vote is an act of civic responsibility; for millions of Iraqis, it was also an act of personal courage, and they have earned the respect of us all."

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Tears of Pride and Joy

God Bless Iraq. And God Bless the USA and the Coalition who helped make this possible.

A couple more awesome videos can be found at Incessant Rant. One is set to "Desert Rose" and the other to Creed's "Stand Here with Me"

And another ... This Time (Direct link to 5MB WMV file)

I still have chills ...

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