Oh ... Really?

I’m done!

Yo, check it out. I be DONE with the shopping thing!

I must have set a new personal record. With the exception of one gift I bought a week ago, I was able to get everything for everyone on my list in two days ... 5 hours on the first day, 3 hours the second. Another record, I didn't buy a single thing online. Which is a switch. A couple years ago, I did all my Christmas shopping completely online. I bragged that the only time I went into the mall that season was to go to the eye doctor that was located therein. Weird. I did do a good amount of research and price comparisons online. The RSS feeds I get from FatWallet, Techbargains, XPBargains and Anandtech Hot Deals are quite helpful too.

In other news ... I have been formally accepted to Austin Peay State University in the Computer Science Online Program. It's scaring me to death right at the moment ... I will be working full time while taking a heavy course load as I try to do this degree in just four semesters, with the added challenge of having to discipline myself "go to class" without a schedule or a place to go. I will probably need to come up with a self-imposed schedule to follow. The kids are at the age where they don't really need much in the way of supervision, just an adult presence to touch base with and provide guidance. And money. Ha!


OMG. I just stood up and went into the kitchen. Every. Muscle. Aches.
Marathon shopping is not for the old and out of shape. Ugghhh ....

Posted by LissaKay on 12/17/06 at 09:27 PM in Personal
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What will you do with the computer science degree? I recently read an article in Time Magazine that said college graduates with a computer science degree were having a tough time finding work because of the large number of people in that field being brought in from India. One of the girls they interviewed was working as a waitress, while she went back to school to get a second degree. My son is studying computer graphics and game design in Canada. I paid for it in the hopes he could land a job when he finishes. Do you want to work in the field or is just a personal goal?
Posted by Tantulus on 12/18 at 11:01 PM
LissaKay's avatar I've been working in the field for several years. To be able to advance, I need a degree. My concentration will be in Information Systems, which will leave the field pretty much wide open, especially if I can work in a Business minor. I'd really like to get in with the Dept of Homeland Security. Maybe someday ...
Posted by LissaKay on 12/18 at 11:51 PM
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