Oh ... Really?

I’m a bad, bad blogger

Shame on me.

Lynne and Sharon are scolding me. I haven't posted anything in almost two weeks.

My life just ain't all that exciting ... which is probably a good thing, all things considered. My son is doing rather well. His bipolar adventures have been the meat of my blogging material ... and, praise God, no recent adventures!

My job is OK .... good news! I made the first tier bonus! 30 sales! Not bad for my second month! My next goal is to make the President's Club ... which requires 50 sales. And I am just now getting the hang of it. Our training was a bit incomplete ... to put it in the kindest terms possible. So we've been flying by the seat of our pants, learning as we go. It can be frustrating though ... the insurance biz is not one to make mistakes in.

Nothing on the dating scene. In fact, just the thought of dating makes me break out in hives. I've gotten used to my nice little hermit life ... me, my kids, my cats. I don't want any intrusions right now. So that's all good.

Kiddo has just returned from terrorizing ... er, trick or treating. Nice haul! I can hardly wait until he goes to bed so I can appropriate the Butterfingers and Reeses Cups! I didn't get home until 7:30 so I missed the little ones that come around early. I still have most of my giveaway candy ... I will have to take it to work to share so I don't eat it all. I'm beginning to look like a Tootsie Roll ... you are what you eat?

Now wasn't this a nice boring post?
Posted by LissaKay on 11/01/03 at 12:36 AM in Oh ... Really?
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that's more like it!
Posted by Sharon on 11/06 at 01:20 PM
Hey Lissa...Brandon from ClientLogic...you guys hiring? = Email me at work (brandwar) or home. It's bye-bye time here.
Posted by Brandon on 12/09 at 02:57 PM
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