Oh ... Really?

I need prayers for my kitty

My kitty, Dakota, is in a bad way. I came home last night and his backside was drenched with pee. It had that sickly smell to it. First thing this morning, I called the animal hospital. Long story short ... he is one sick kitty. On x-ray, one of his kidneys cannot be seen. There is a shadow of something very large, something that is out of place. It could be the missing kidney. They have gone in to find out what is going on. If it is the kidney all enlarged like that, they will take it out. There is also the possibility that the large shadow is his bladder, blocked by a tumor. Pray for it to be the kidney.

I will update later. I have to go back over there in a few minutes.

UPDATE: He came through the surgery just fine. Turns out it was a raging bladder infection, and the inflammation had blocked the flow of urine to the point where the bladder expanded to an enormous size. Both his kidneys are fine. He is spending the night at a pet emergency clinic where they can monitor him, then he will go back to the vet for IV antibiotics for a day or two.

The vet we used is at a Banfield clinic inside Petsmart. Please, do all your shopping at Petsmart. The store manager stayed two hours over so they could do the surgery, and was extremely gracious about it. She and two other clerks hung out with me and kept me from losing it. These people really love the animals. The manager said, "The cat is more important than getting off work on time." Awesome. Go. Shop now. If you don't own pets, get a gift certificate for a friend who does. Support Petsmart in any way you can!

BTW ... this was supposed to be my 5 day, do nothing, rest and relaxation, sanity preserving mini-vacation. Oy vey ...

Posted by LissaKay on 09/16/05 at 01:02 AM in Kitty Tales
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LissaKay's avatar Thanks, Misu. Dakota is still doing well. I went to visit with him yesterday evening. He will probably come home this afternoon.

With the wonderful acuity of 20/20 hindsight, I know there were signs well before Wednesday that something was amiss. The kitty boxes were extra stinky, but I had gotten a different food for them a few days before. He was also drinking a lot of water, but I wrote that off to it being so hot. He always acts weird ... that's just Dakota. But put all together, it makes sense. We did catch it in time though, but it was close. Doc said that his bladder could have ruptured at any time.

Faith is acting weird now. I think she misses Dakota and knows there was something wrong. She's very clingy, even insisting on sitting on my desk when I am at the computer (I will post a pic when I can find the USB cable for my camera). She's been talking to me non-stop all morning. Now she's sitting on the arm of the couch just staring at me. LOL ... she is too cute

I will have some pics of Dakota and his shaved belly later. Also one from the actual surgery (non-bloody, of course)

Posted by LissaKay on 09/17 at 03:51 PM
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