Oh ... Really?

I am not alone!

Coming attractions ... a new Bill Whittle essay is on the way! Great joy and glad tidings!

Bill is truly one of the great writers of our times. He has a gift with words and can get his point across with a combination of humor, dark sarcasm and logic that leaves one breathless and in awe. Truly amazing and inspiring. I read and think, "Yeah! That's exactly what I was thinking!" but I am unable to come up with the words to convey in anywhere near the same manner.

He is also getting ready to publish the second edition of "Silent America" which will include a couple of his more recent essays. I missed out on this the first go 'round, but I plan to make this tops for Christmas gift giving this year.

Now I must go fill this vast expanse of free time with something nice and mundane ... until Bill hits that publish button, that is.

Posted by LissaKay on 05/05/07 at 02:57 PM in Blogging
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