Oh ... Really?

Hear Oh, Israel

imageA poem by George Cassutto. An East Tennessee educated fellow originally from Maryland. The child of Holocaust survivors. History teacher. I borrow his words on what may be the Eve of Armageddon. I pray for the people of Israel. May their strength and courage see them through these dark hours. I pray for the good people of Lebanon who are caught in the middle, between mad mullahs and the IDF. I pray for the world.

Hear, Oh Israel
The Lord, our God, the Lord is Love.

The ancient creed falls on deaf ears
on the West Bank.
It's brother against brother in Jerusalem.
Oppression is a table now turned
in Galilee and Gaza.

From the land of milk and honey
flows the blood of militarism.
Zion knows only survival
as she scrawls her newest testament
with the tears of the nationless.

From Babylon's gardens to Hitler's hell
have wandered the children of Abraham
to a land called Armageddon
once fortold by Israel's prophets.

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