Oh ... Really?

Goin’ to the Chapel

Well, not exactly the chapel, but we are gonna get married!

It's late Wedding Eve, and we are still getting things ready. This has been truly a Do-It-Yourself Wedding. We made the invitations (though a few got lost in the mail, dang it!), I made the bouquets and other flower arrangements, we wrote the ceremony and our own vows. Even the cakes, we made ourselves. I did buy my dress, but I considered sewing one for a while ...

All that needs to be done now is packing for the honeymoon. Then tomorrow morning we will have a quick rehearsal and walk-through of the ceremony. We also will make final decorating touches and set up the chairs. At this moment, the weather looks to be very much not good, with thunderstorms in the forecast. We have an alternate plan though, and this will go through.

My dad is not going to make it to the wedding ... he has been having an awful time with myasthenia gravis, and has been hospitalized several times in the last few months. Right now, he is just out of a stay at Patricia Neal Rehab, and went into a nursing home for a couple of weeks for continued rehab work. It also gives my mother some respite. But we are planning to stop by there on our way out of town to bring him cake and we will repeat our vows for him. Of course, the whole thing will be video taped, so he can watch that later.

After that, we will be off for a week in sunny Florida where we are gonna hang with Mickey and crew for a few days, see some shows, and just enjoy not having anyone else we know around us. We may or may not be incommunicado ... we haven't decided.

But now, it's time to finish packing and get some sleep.

Posted by LissaKay on 03/28/09 at 02:27 AM in Happy Crap
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