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Look people, I know you are deliriously happy that your messiah successfully purchased won this election, but for heaven's sake, he is not going to save the world!

Oh yes, get it out of your system ... I'm just being all bitter and mad because my side lost, right? If thinking that makes you happy, go for it. The reality is, I was against your guy and only marginally for his opponent, McCain. I think Sarah Palin will one day be a mighty force, but her time has not yet come. My vote was cast against a man that appeared out of nowhere, with no experience, with ties to some pretty ugly ideologies, and a platform that promises economic disaster, higher taxes and big government. I was not taken in by the promises of "change" nor was I willing to support his socialist ideas. I believe that Obama will be very bad for our country, worse even than Carter.

So when I see people getting all weepy at how wonderful it all is, droning on and on about how beautiful the world is all of a sudden, I throw up a little in my mouth. Get real, people. This election was bought and paid for with rampant voter fraud and egregious campaign finance shenanigans. Someday that $600 million bill is going to come due, and you know what? You are going to hate paying it even more than I will. And pay we will, and so will our children and their children too.

I find it funny that all through the campaign, Obama and his throngs of fans insisted that race has nothing to do with it. Race is not a part of his campaign, and it should not even be mentioned. Now that he is elected, well ... NOW it's all about race! Ya'll have been telling me all this time that even noticing his race implied racism, now look at you all ... you RACISTS!

Even more hilarious are the calls for "unity" and "bipartisanship" ... give me a freakin' break, would ya? You have GOT to be kidding me! Not only have we spent the last 8 years listening to you harp on Chimpy McBushHitler and the evil Bush/Cheney/Rove machine, attributing absolutely everything bad in the world to Bush, but then you had your little slime fest at Sarah Palin's expense. And not just her, but her children as well! NOW you want unity and bipartisanship? Oh really??? Even as you whine about the crowd booing Obama at McCain's concession speech, in practically the same breath you still bash on Bush and Palin.

I'm sorry, but you have got to be out of your bloody minds!

You mocked President Bush with "Dubya" for 8 years. I claim the right to refer to Obama as Hussein. Fair enough?

I will give Obama just as much respect as he earns, or as much as was given to Bush ... whichever is the lesser of the two. I will mock him as much as he deserves, or as much as Bush was mocked, whichever is the greater. When he proposes policy that is not in my country's best interest, or is against the Constitution, I will say so loudly and repeatedly. I will fight for my liberty and my freedom, to death if need be.

Which reminds me, I've been meaning to ask ... just what is there, if anything, that liberals are willing to die for? Anything that they cherish and value as much as their own life? Anything they are willing to really fight for? (And that doesn't include marching up and down the street, holding signs with stupid slogans and chanting even stupider slogans). Is there anything in a liberal's little life that is worth defending?

Oh that's right ... they'd fight for "choice," aka the right to murder their children. Anything other than that?

I didn't think so. And that is so sad.

So, enjoy your little honeymoon and your dreams of Hopey Changefulness while you can. Reality is just around the corner, when you find that The One is just another corrupt politician spouting false promises to get your vote. The best that we can hope for now is that he really was lying his ass off during his campaign. You can't be taxed into prosperity, and appeasement will not bring peace. You really don't want the government to be your caretaker, because that also makes it your overlord.

Posted by LissaKay on 11/05/08 at 11:28 PM in Politics
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You know i respect your views and what not and blah blah blah, but sometimes i do wonder when you changed your opinion on the "sanctity of marriage" and our ability to choose... because i very strongly recall many conversations where you plainly stated that it really wasn't your business who anyone married, and that everyone should be able to marry who they love, and that even though you, personally, would never choose to abort, you understood that that was not for you to decide for others, as well as acknowledging the fact that if it were illegal, it would still happen, just in a less clean, less precise manner (aka, back alley).

also, the only (attempted) voter fraud i heard about this time was in florida, where a group of McCain supporters sent out an automated message using a dialer to area residents saying dems voted on wednesday, as well as a random guy at a polling location saying the same...

we should atleast give obama a chance to eff up before claiming he'll be terrible.

Posted by Miss Thang on 11/06 at 08:41 PM
LissaKay's avatar My views have changed only very slightly, in regards to marriage. I believe that the government has no business defining, promoting, prohibiting, limiting or otherwise regulating marriage for anyone. It's not their business.

Marriage has always been a tradition of bonding and commitment between a man and a woman. It's roots are in human tradition, refined over the centuries by religion. It is a spiritual joining. It has only been recently that gays have wanted to bond in the same way and call that marriage.

Rich and I are married. Did you know that? We are married in the eyes of God, we have made our commitment to each other and we stood before our friends and some of our family and declared our bonding for life. The state of Tennessee has no idea about any of this, of course, it is none of the state's business. However, that also means that until we do make it the state's business, we cannot take advantage of some of the legal and financial aspects of being married ... aka, we can't file our taxes jointly as a married couple, or share insurance policies and the like. Next May, when we apply for a marriage license with the state and go through a state sanctioned marriage ceremony, then we can combine our legal and financial lives. But to us, what really matters is the spiritual marriage.

Two different things, traditional spiritual marriage and the legal marriage, or civil union. I feel, as do the vast majority of American who voted on the matter this week, that the former is for a man and a woman, as it always has been. I further feel that if gays, or any combination of adults for that matter, wish to enter into a committed union of financial interdependence, and enjoy the legal and financial benefits, rights and responsibilities of such, they should be able to. But don't call it marriage.

Regarding abortion, I have always believed it to be wrong, and that it is the taking of a human life. If there was a way to bring an end to the practice as a means of birth control, I certainly would be all for it. As for outright outlawing it, I am a bit more squishy, because that would also entail a loss of privacy in the doctor's office.

And as for Obama, we have been researching him and his policies for months. Read what Rich has put together on him over at his site. If he implements only some of his goals, our country will suffer greatly.

We can talk more soon, it's lots easier than trying to type all this out. ILY

Posted by LissaKay on 11/07 at 01:29 AM
"The gay marriage thing is a ridiculous farce, as well. Basically, "keep your laws out of our bedroom" has been replaced with "create us a law for our bedroom." ....As they are written, these laws seek to single homosexuals out, to create a gay "second class," and that is why so many people on both sides of the political --- and sexual preference --- fence are against it."

There are so many things wrong with that, i can't stand it. First off, please, PLEASE introduce me to a homosexual individual who doesn't want equal treatment under the law, regarding legal marriages, or anything else for that matter.

Secondly, in most of America, same sex couples can not legally unite because it isn't recognized as a true union. There is absolutely NO reason for this, other than bigotry. This is exactly why before 1967, interracial couples couldn't marry! The same arguments were used, referring to the "downward slope," and claiming if we let them marry, what's next? someone will want to marry their dog!! That argument was ridiculous then, and still is today.

And as far as ruining the "sanctity of marriage," people should think before the say, because how many people against gay marriage have been divorced? Does that not ruin the sanctity more than two people vowing to be together forever, who are more likely to keep that promise, because they had to fight to be able to even MAKE that promise?

i guess what this boils down to is, they don't want a special law to make it okay for them to marry, they want something similar to Loving v. Virginia, where they can't be denied the right to marry, and to have their legal union recognized like any other two people who decide to join lives together.

Also, watch this!

Posted by Miss Thang on 11/14 at 06:22 PM
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