Oh ... Really?

Fear mongering

Those damn Neocons©! It's the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy™, I tell you! Putting all this fear, uncertainty and doubt in the minds of gullible Americans that will advocate any idea that fits in with their world view! Making exaggerated claims of impending doom and disaster for all Americans if we do not follow the plan RIGHT NOW!! Using lies and inaccurate statements promoted as facts, unsubstantiated claims of immediate threat to life and limb ... all to make a buck for these huge corporations from the naive sheeples that line up to support the cause! Shameful!

Wait ... what's that?

Michael Moore is a Liberal? And Sicko is a left-wing attack on the government because it will not provide health insurance for each and every American (and non-American visiting here, legal and otherwise)?


Well, then ... nevermind. Carry on.

For those of you who have missed the very obvious point I was making here, and got yourselves all pissed off and offended ... get over it, OK? Geez. Also, please quit throwing CNN around as the be-all end-all source of information. You do realize how biased they are, and that they are prone to inaccuracy themselves, right? When I have a few moments to breathe, between work, school, kids and other very important considerations in my life, I will post plenty of links, quotes and information from a variety of sources that refute the claim that Michael Moore is anything other than an ego-driven charlatan, and his movie is anything but a documentary. Thanks, have a nice day, and I will be back after midterms.

Just found this over at Serr8d's place: 'SiCKO' Attacks American Health Care , but since Michael Moore has always had an Axe to Grind, he's Not Convincing Me. Good job, dude!
For those also willing and able to research beyond the echo chamber of CNN, I also recommend the review at USAToday. And also what the good citizens and health care providers in Canada and The UK have to say about socialized medicine. What it comes down to is, do you REALLY want the government to be in charge of YOUR medical care?

Posted by LissaKay on 06/30/07 at 02:03 AM in
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Whew - thought you might have been thinking for yourself there for a second. Good, back in lockstep. Carry on!
Posted by Barry on 06/30 at 03:20 PM
LissaKay's avatar I thought you said you weren't going to read my site anymore. Would you mind terribly keeping your promise? Thanks.

Oh, and CNN is not exactly an unbiased OR accurate source to quote. Just so ya know. Wouldn't want you to embarrass yourself too much. Then, to further keep from making an ass of yourself, you might want to check the dictionary on the meanings of "sarcasm" and "irony".

Good luck out there. It's a big, big world.

Posted by LissaKay on 07/01 at 10:27 PM
LissaKay's avatar Dude, you are seriously delusional if you are seeing any anger in anything I have written here. Projecting much? Perhaps you should get outside and get some fresh air for a while.
Posted by LissaKay on 07/02 at 12:18 PM
LK, did you really get punted from the blogroll at Progressiveville? If so, what was your crime?
Posted by # 9 on 07/02 at 04:35 PM
LissaKay's avatar Yepper. I have been de-linked and Randy is redirecting any links to his place from here to Freeperville. Apparently, my "crime" was either my response to his Memorial Day post or to this chickenhawk meme attack on Fred! that I replied to.

So, he de-linked me ... whatev *eye roll*

Ain't that a hoot?

Posted by LissaKay on 07/02 at 06:10 PM
Stalin would be so proud. Let's review, if someone disagrees with Randy the Great, then they must be excommunicated from the Church of the Painfully Ignorant.

Then only sound remaining at Progressiveville is echo, echo, echo...

Good for you LK, you are in good company.

Posted by # 9 on 07/02 at 07:52 PM
LissaKay's avatar OMG dude. Seriously. Don't come on here saying stuff like that. I just got a really nice new monitor, and you almost made me spit my soda all over it. Geez! Have a heart, will ya?

You really think that Medicare is all that and a bag of chips, eh? So tell me, why do seniors spend hundreds of dollars every month on supplemental policies? I know ... I bet you don't really know anyone that has Medicare coverage, right? (here's a hint: as Medicare goes, so goes private insurance) Nor have you worked in the medical business and had to deal with Medicare reimbursement rules and regulations. I would even go so far as to guess that you've never been in the insurance business either. I'd even bet that you also have also not had the pleasure of TennCare in your life - you know, HillaryCare Beta? The failed social medicine program here in Tennessee that is now in the process of killing tens of thousands of people they just had to kick off the rolls ... yeah, that's the one.

Now what was that you were saying about "ignorance"? Oh, that's right, you come here to project all your flaws and failings onto me. You know, that is a sign of a serious personality disorder. Perhaps you should consult with someone about that. I'm sure there are plenty of professionals there in St Louis that can help you out.

Wait ... you're still here ... I thought you said you were done with this site ... months ago. WTF?

Posted by LissaKay on 07/02 at 11:09 PM
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