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Do you believe in Miracles?

Many people do not believe in miracles anymore, or think they are the stuff of Biblical times and no longer relevant or even possible in our modern world. But miracles are indeed very real, very relevant and are happening everyday. When miracles happen, we have proof that God exists, and is moving in our world ... yes, even today. God today is the same God as He was thousands of years ago, and will be forever.

Today, our church kicked off a 40 day journey into miracles and intercessory prayer. As a church body, we will find and pray for people that need miracles. We will also study Biblical miracles and memorize scripture together. Pastor has also asked us to participate in a "Funny Fast" ... a fast in which we give up some small indulgence for this 40 day journey, one that may seem small to us, but is big in God's eyes. For instance, one person is giving up her Snickers bar snacks. Another is giving up playing Farmville on Facebook.

As I thought about what I was going to give up, I came upon a somewhat startling revelation ... I don't have any real indulgences in my life, not anything that is an everyday thing. Oh sure, I get pedicures ... but only about once a month, and I generally stop after the end of sandal season. Others, like snuggling with my cats - to give that up would also mean that the kitties would be neglected. I've been trying to watch my diet, so there isn't anything to give up there. Losing out on baked potato chips, artificially sweetened ice cream and diet pizza is no big loss. I've been too busy and/or tired to knit very much, it has been months since I made it to a yoga class, and I can't remember the last time I read a book purely for pleasure.

Man! This has GOT to change! And first I have convince myself that I do indeed deserve some pure pleasures in my life, that I NEED to play and have fun, and do things just for myself. I need to carve out time for yoga, knitting, reading, naps and long soaks in the bathtub. Like so many women, I have fallen into the rut of putting everyone and everything before my wishes, and even my needs.

Anyway, the one thing I do everyday is keep up with blog feeds, Facebook and Twitter. So, that's my "Funny Fast". I have pared Google Reader down to only news feeds and a few devotional, inspirational and Bible verse feeds. On Facebook, everyone is hidden except my husband, daughter, my pastors and a Bible verse posting. I have turned off all SMS Twitter notifications. If people need to get in touch with me, I will still be reading email and accepting texts and phone calls. I am not seeking isolation, just turning off the conversation. And honestly, it might do wonders for my disposition, not having to read the rants, snarls and endless political debate going on these days. I may find at the end of 40 days that I don't want to get back into it, that I enjoy the peace of mind.

In any case, the next 40 days will prove to be inspiring and amazing, seeing what happens when a church comes together like this to ask God for His divine intervention and the bringing of miracles. I am so excited to be part of a church that is this active and inspired. In addition to this, I am studying the Book of Esther with a fantastic group of women, singing in an awesome choir and making friends with some amazing Christian people.

As I ask God for these miracles for the people I will be praying for, I will keep in mind that God grants miracles in His time and in His way. That what I will see may not fit exactly with what I ask for, but will be granted perfectly by our perfect Lord.

So, do you believe in miracles? Are you in need of a miracle? Do you know someone that needs a miracle? Do you think that a miracle could happen for you? Let me know what you think ...

Come and see what our God has done,
what awesome miracles he performs for people!

Posted by LissaKay on 09/20/09 at 11:21 PM in Christianity
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Hi. I visit your husbands blogg occasionally and enjoy reading you both. I was wondering if you could include my friend,Diane in your prayers. She suffers from stage4 cancer. She is only 55 yrs old. She needs a miracle. thanks in advance...
Posted by J on 09/24 at 10:47 PM
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