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Dear Mr President

Maybe someday I will blog something that becomes famous. Eh ... who am I kidding? Maybe one of my three regular readers will become famous, and I can enjoy it vicariously!

Anyway ... ya know how stuff on the Internet sometimes takes on a life of its own? Misattribution and exaggeration seem to be the hallmarks of email and personal web sites. Remember that grade school game of "Whisper" or sometimes it was called "Telephone"? The kids stand in a line and the first one whispers a little story into the ear of the next kid, who whispers it in the ear of the next, and so on. Then by the time the story gets to the end of the line, it is totally different. Kinda like that ...

Blogger Steph wrote an amazing piece on Feb 24. Apparently, it was passed around and somehow got attributed to Bette Midler. The story even went so far as to say that Ms Midler was handing out printed copies of this at her concerts. (How long has it been since she last toured anyway?) Gotta love the Internet. And ya gotta love Snopes.com ... they always get to the truth of the matter. And that is where I found Dear Mr President.

Amazing bit of writing. Here's a teaser:

This morning, I watched you stand before this nation and belittle these women, the thousands who stood with them, and the countless millions who wish to follow them. How could you do that, Mr. President? How could you take something so beautiful - a clear and defining example of the true nature of commitment - and declare it to be anything less? What is it that validates your marriage which somehow doesn't apply to Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon? By what power, what authority are you so divinely imbued that you can stand before me and this nation and hold their love to a higher standard?

Posted by LissaKay on 03/10/04 at 02:19 AM in Our World
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She's actually touring right now. I wanted to get tickets for me and wife (she's a big fan and I like her, too) in Atlanta but they were way too expensive...
Posted by Barry on 03/10 at 03:32 AM
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