Oh ... Really?

Chief Wiggles: Tabby Will Arrive THIS WEEK!


I knew you guys could do it! I never doubted for a single second that Tabby would make it here. Oh and Charleston is so tantalizingly close, yet so far away! I do so wish I could be there!

Yes folks, Tabby is FINALLY coming to the US to recieve the treatment she so desperately needs!

Tabby will arrive at the Charleston, South Carolina airport, Midnight on Friday, the 22nd!!!

Any and all are invited to come and greet her at the airport!

Chief Wiggles and Dr. Hochman will be there as well to greet her!


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... and now the happy beginning to what I hope leads to a happy ending. Our prayers are with Chief, Plunge the doctors and most especially, Tabby.

FANTASTIC Update! A MIRACLE! Tabby's Father is Coming Too!!!!

Pictures of Tabby's arrival!

Posted by LissaKay on 10/17/04 at 11:50 PM in Our World
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