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A plane crashes in New York City. World goes crazy. Not shouts of terrorism, but with shrieks of moonbattery ... it's everywhere. It's insidious. And it is annoying as shit.

This came through an email discussion list, one that (usually) has nothing to do with politics ...

D: I think the US is going to have to learn to live with terrorism as a danger of modern life, rather like we have to live with the possibility of traffic accidents. It isn't going to get stamped out, no matter how many Middle Eastern states Bush takes over - rather its going to get worse.
H: I agree with you, D. It does just make me sad, but maybe it's a first step to growing up and joining the international community (Once Bush is gone of course. If I could help get him impeached I would. His presidency has been a disaster for the US.)

Wow, I must have really been out of it! What country/state did Bush take over?

Another member of this group has the following sig line:
NOTICE: Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security Agency may have read this email without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight. You have no recourse nor protection except to call for the impeachment of the current President.

One of these days, when I am feeling like picking a fight, I will have to tell him that the president that approved the program that was used to monitor emails already has been impeached. And he is no longer in office. Then I will invoke Inigo Montoya: "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

I keep emphasizing over and over that I am no fan of Bush and his administration. Or politicians in general. But the moment I say anything that can be taken as a defense of Bush, I am automatically tagged as a neo-con warhawk Rethuglican Bushie. Some friends even stop talking to me. I am not a conservative, I am not a liberal. I can't even be rightly termed a centrist, or moderate. Or even a libertarian - but I suppose that would be closest. Except that, on the matter of foreign policy, I am a hawk.

I have been a hawk since November 1979. I was young then, and like to describe myself as a liberal. But as I watched on the nightly news as Islamic radical invaded our sovereign territory, kidnapped our citizens and the president did next to nothing, I would scream at the TV - "Go in and GET THEM! You idiot! Even if they die in the attempt to rescue them, we have to show those crazy assholes that we mean business and will not take crap off a bunch of crazy religious thugs! Launch the rockets NOW!"

But we didn't. And now I can't help but wonder what if ... what if Carter had paid attention to a firebrand 15 year old that just knew that playing nice would get us in deeper doo doo someday?

Then came Reagan. And the hostages were released. But he then turned his attention to the Cold War, to defeating Communism and away from the growing threat in the Middle East. A friend of my father's worked for the DoD back then, and he knew. I paid just enough attention to their cocktail hour chat to learn that the DoD was very, very concerned with the Middle East and why, but Reagan was too focused on the Soviets, East Germans and Poles. I too was more concerned with The Bomb than some crazy radicals.

Throughout the 80s, we suffered one terrorist attack after the other. In 1983, the Beirut embassy was bombed killing 63 people. A few months later, they hit the main gate of the US Marine Corps headquarters with 2500 lbs of explosives and killed 241 US servicemen. Two months later, another truck loaded with explosives blows up in the US Embassy in Kuwait. September 1984 - the US Embassy in Beirut. April 1985 - Madrid. August 1985 - the main gate if the US Air Force Base in Rhein-Main ... 22 killed. That same year, the Achille Lauro was hijacked. One American was singled out, shot as he sat in his wheelchair and then his body dumped into the ocean. TWA Flight 840 in April 1986 and the tragic Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland which killed 259 people. In January 1993 they finally struck within the borders of the US when two CIA agents were shot and killed outside CIA headquarters in Langley, VA. The first strike on the WTC came the following month when a van loaded with explosives was set off in the underground parking garage. Over 1000 were injured, 6 died. June 1996 saw an attack on a US military compound in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, which killed 19 and injured over 500. Shortly after, a coordinated attack was carried out on the US Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania resulting in the loss of 224 lives. October 2000 the USS Cole, docked in Aden, Yemen, was the target of a suicide attack when a small boat exploded next to it killing 17 sailors.

ALL of this, before Bush even took office. But according to some lefties, terrorism is all Bush's fault.

Liberals keep telling us that we need to talk to them, use diplomacy, bargain ... appease. Well, we can see how well that worked out, can't we?

Then came the big one ... September 11, 2001. Bush offered no appeasement, no bargaining, no diplomacy to terrorists or those who harbor them. He went after them, their camps and training grounds ... and put the Taliban regime out of business. He then went after a dictator that had violated every UN resolution put upon him, defiantly threatening the world with WMD, refusing to disarm or prove that he did. And if anyone still wonders why Iraq, why then ... just take a look at a map of the Middle East and locate Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel and Saudi Arabia. What is smack dab in the center of that? Uh huh ... their time is a-comin'. Then there are the discoveries that were made in Baghdad by our Special Forces during the first Gulf War ...

Yes, Bush has screwed up. In my estimation, he has not struck against the Islamofascists hard enough. In trying to spare as many civilian casualties as possible, this war has dragged on and on as we try to quell an insurgency that hides behind women and children, killing them as easily as they do our soldiers. Bush ignored the advice of the generals who could have brought the Iraq war to a much faster, less bloody close. He wanted to win hearts and minds ... at the cost of American military lives.

The raving, mindless hatred of Bush as displayed by liberals, however, is about to get on my last nerve. These are people who are so put out by losing in 2000, they absolutely attack anything and everything Bush does. Everything. They contradict themselves on a regular basis ... when Bush goes to Iraq to spend Thanksgiving with the troops, they scream that it's just a PR stunt and obsess over a plastic turkey. The next year when he doesn't go, they wail and whine that he is ignoring his troops at the holidays!

And the Rovian Conspiracy™ is a real hoot too. Karl Rove is the mastermind behind everything that happens every where in the world. Hurricanes, tsunamis, brush fires, floods ... all plotted and planned by Rove to better the Republican party and/or degrade the Democrats. Rove, all by himself planted the intelligence about the yellow cake in Nigeria with British agents. Rove then somehow got Valerie Plame to arrange to send her husband there to investigate, and he convinced Joe Wilson to lie, thus casting doubt on the integrity of the Bush administration. But that was actually part of a larger plot in which Joe would be caught lying about his findings. Not satisfied with that, Rove then leaked to the press that Plame was Wilson's wife, blamed it on Scooter Libby while ultimately framing Richard Armitage, and somehow wrenching a confession out of him, long after Patrick Fitzgerald had declared Rove innocent and Libby the culprit, despite the fact that Armitage is a foe of the administration. Amazing! Karl Rove is truly a genius!

More recently, Rove exposed one of his own, Republican Congressman Mark Foley, to be a child molester, dontcha know. This, of course, was intended to distract from the "quagmire" in Iraq, their nefarious schemes to torture terrorists and the price of gas. It would be to obvious to expose a Democrat pervert. Then, to take the heat from Foleygate off the administration, Rove somehow arranged for the North Koreans to test a nuclear bomb. The coup de gras ... the airplane crash in New York! Of course! It all makes perfect sense! Incredible scheming and plotting by the most evil and brilliant mind of modern times!

/sarcasm and mockery

I am so tired of the lunacy, the hypocrisy, the dissembling, exaggeration and lies from the left. The love to scream, "Bush lied!" but fail to cite any examples. They excuse and apologize for Islamofascist terrorists, but have no problem insulting our military. They call our interrogation methods "torture" but Saddam's wood chippers and his son's rape rooms get a pass, as do the beheadings, kidnappings and conversions to Islam at gunpoint. The lefties cry that their rights are being violated, yet they say nothing about the women who are stoned to death, girls that undergo genital mutilation and homosexuals that are killed just for being ... if Islamists are doing it, it's perfectly OK to them ... and they have no problem with violating the right of free speech of others, if the other is saying something they disagree with.

Buncha damn crazy-ass hypocrits are going to bring this country down sooner than the terrorists ever could.

Posted by LissaKay on 10/11/06 at 09:30 PM in Our World
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