Oh ... Really?

Bringing out the Dead

For your morbid side ... The Dead Pool is taking roster submissions for the year 2005.

"WTF?" you ask ...

Laurence Simon, God bless his twisted little mind, is running the Dead Pool again for 2005. Players submit a list of 15 famous people they think will die in 2005. When a list entry kicks the bucket, the players with that person on their roster win 125 points minus the age of the pick. There are additional chances for bonus points as well ... First Blood, Deadly Duo, Solo Shot ... the rest of the rules are here. At the end of the year, prizes will be awarded to the high scoring players. So get your picks together and send them to the .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) ... and tell 'em that I sent ya.

Too bad the roster picks have to be famous ... there's quite a list I could come up with! :coolgrin:

Posted by LissaKay on 12/12/04 at 03:40 AM in Blogging
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