Oh ... Really?

Braggin’ Time

We briefly interrupt this mind-melting pre-midterm study session for a moment of bragging ...

My program was chosen by our professor to use as an excellent example of how to do that particular program. Yes ... MY program. The one I had to go upload in the dead of a dark and rainy night at the local Krystal while the Rent-a-cop was creeping me out with his zombie stare. Yeah, that one. She put it into a Power Point file and put it up on our class web site.


I hope my essay went over half as well. My thesis: "The Epic of Gilgamesh: the First Literary Hero and a Hero for All Time" and gave evidence by comparing Luke Skywalker in the (real) Star Wars epic, stating they both followed the Hero's Journey as described by Joseph Campbell. It was a tough choice of which modern hero to use - I also considered LotR's Frodo and the children of Chronicles of Narnia, but Luke makes a neater hero package.

Re: Questions emailed about the previous post ... Yes! I PUNCHED a LLAMA! 9 days! I love chocolate, anything decadent and indulgent, and my favorite color is purple ... or green with pictures of dead presidents! Or consult my Amazon Wish List over yonder! :coolgrin:

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