Oh ... Really?

Bloglines ... you’re makin’ me crazy!

OK OK OK, I know it is considered poor form to complain about free services on the web not performing like they should, but come on!

I keep up with, or try to, over 150 site feeds. Everything from friends' blogs to national media to jobs and Joss Whedon. That would not be possible without RSS feeds and a decent feed reader. I use Bloglines. I have tried many other reader applications as well as web-based readers. I have yet to find one that functions better for me than Bloglines. When it is working right, that is ...

But it seems that at least once a week, Bloglines does something crazy. My favorite so far has been when it displayed in Portugese. Just out of the blue, English was replaced by a foreign language. Sometimes the whole site just goes down and nothing there can be accessed. I really hate that plumber. Lately, Bloglines has not been updating the feeds like it should. I tried to make it show items from the last 24 hours at Fox News, the New York Times and a local TV news station. Nothing. Other feeds are updating as they should, or at least it appears they are. I don't have time to visit each and every one to see if the posts match the items in the Bloglines feed.

I know, I know ... it's a free service. I pay nothing for it. You get what you pay for. Yeah yeah ... Bloglines, I do so love you! Please don't betray me like this!

Oh, and the export tool isn't working in Firefox. It does in IE though. Grrrr .... this is SO annoying!

UPDATE: Ben from Bloglines sent an email:

We noticed your post regarding our problems updating certain feeds today and wanted to let you know that we recently pushed a fix for the problem. If you continue to see problems, please contact me

Now that's classy. I had heard from others that when they posted gripes about Bloglines that they would get personal responses regarding the issue. I didn't expect to get one since this was a relatively minor issue. Other companies should take heed ...

Now, about that export tool ...

Posted by LissaKay on 06/22/06 at 08:45 PM in Blogging
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