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Blogathon LIVE!

Blogathon 2007 Giddyup for STAR has officially started in its live, online, in public venue. Come join us at Bailey's in west Knoxville. The nachos are great! We will be here until at least 9pm when the blogging torch is officially handed over to Barry. I will be providing color commentary and documenting the event with photos. But first, back to those nachos ...
Please consider a donation to the cause ... STAR provides a wonderful service for our very most special folks. Cathy can tell it so much better than I can, so visit Giddyup for STAR to find out more, why you should consider sponsoring the Blogathon and how.

Also, a special shout-out to Tish who is blogging with Mike to aid the Glaucoma Foundation at BlogsWeLuv ... go visit them, too!

imageHere's the first pic from Bailey's ... Mark Steel of Blogitude has joined us and greatly enjoying doing nothing for a time ... there will be more pics as the night proceeds. Join us!

imageThe battery died in my camera, so all the rest of these pics are from the phone ... we'll see how they do ...



Posted by LissaKay on 07/28/07 at 04:10 PM in Blogging
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LissaKay's avatar I think you should too!
Posted by LissaKay on 07/28 at 04:41 PM
Hi, Lissa!! I really wish I were there with you guys! My mouth is watering at the thought of those nachos!

Thanks so much for the link to BlogsWeLuv! We've been linking to GiddyUp too! I talked to Barry earlier, and he said he just might be blogging live with you guys later. Can't wait! I kept him company for his entire shift last year. And I'm checking in as often as I'm able to today. 😊

Have a great evening! I hope to see you guys next month at BlogFest!

Posted by Tish on 07/28 at 05:08 PM
Sorry I missed you guys this trip...well, actually both times, but I decided to try and kill myself on the AT Saturday instead!

See next time!

Posted by Mushy on 08/05 at 12:09 AM
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