Oh ... Really?

Anyone Can Be a Father

But it takes someone special to be a Daddy.

Today, on Father's Day, I want to honor all of the wonderful men that I know, who are also wonderful Daddies. Happy Father's Day to you all.

I count myself extremely fortunate that I have been blessed with a wonderful Daddy. My whole life, we have butted heads over just about everything. My Dad has a very unique talent for getting right on my very last nerve like no one else ever could. But it's OK. We work through it. On the other hand, he has taught me much about life and the world and how to deal with it. He was the first man in my life, the man who taught me all what men are all about. I learned from him how men should treat women, by the way he treats my mom ... with love, tenderness, devotion, respect and honor. My Ex never came anywhere close to measuring up to that. Indeed, my Daddy was mighty unhappy when he learned how utterly disrespectful my Ex was to me while we were married. After all these years of post-divorce nastiness from the Ex, my very Christian Daddy will just growl and snarl when the subject of my Ex comes up ... I don't think he could think of one single kind thing to say about him.

My Daddy has exemplified integrity, honor and morality and he is the yardstick by which I measure all other men, on all levels of interaction and relationship. From the work-place, to friends, to more personal interactions ... WWDD - What would Daddy do? Yes, indeed ... I have very high standards by which I judge other men.

My children have not been so fortunate. They have truly been ripped off in the daddy department. It breaks my heart, and causes them no end of hurt. I consider all the men that I know, who are Daddies, who are good Daddies ... and I want to cry for what my children are missing out on. Their father is just so wretchedly awful, purposely hurting his own children in his childish desire for revenge for his hurt feelings and guilt, I honestly think they would have been better off with no father around at all.

But I don't want to talk about my kids' crappy father ... I want to talk about some of the men I know, who are good Daddies, and to honor them on their special day. I am not going to specify by name, but if you see yourself in this, then I am probably talking about you!

I know Daddies that are great with their kids, taking special time with them to help them grow up to be wonderful people themselves. They provide for their family, not just with their paycheck, but also with their strength, leadership, courage and morals. They love, honor and respect their wives - the mothers of their children. They create a home filled with love, laughter, fun and learning. They know what's important for their family and they do their best to attain that.

I know Daddies that have taken on children of other men as their own. They come into families already brimming with offspring and step right in and love the children just as if they were their own. Sometimes the kids' father is in the picture, sometimes not. But these special daddies make a place for themselves and become an important part of the children's lives.

I know Daddies who do not have their children with them every day, they are with their mothers ... but they are still awesome Daddies anyway, making every effort not just to provide, but also to be there - to spend time with their kids, as much as possible, to love them, teach them and be a part of their lives. What's more, they still treat the mother of their children with respect and honor, even if they don't like her very much. That is so important for the kids ... their mother is a part of them, and when Daddy is hateful to her, he is being hateful to the children. (Yes, I know it works the other way too! But I am talking about Daddies in particular right now).

I know Daddies who are being daddies all by themselves, with no partner. As a single mom, I know well how hard it is ... and how you will never, ever feel more alone than when you are trying to be both mommy and daddy, with no one around to help, support or encourage. Single parenting is absolutely the toughest job in the world.

I know of Daddies who fight tooth and nail to remain a part of their children's lives, even when the mom does everything she can to shut him out, or worse. Yet, even though left destitute after paying child support and having to take what scraps of time they can get with their kids, they still make the best of it and do what they can to stay as involved with their kids as they can.

You guys are awesome. Thank you for helping to ensure the next generation will be filled with responsible, well-adjusted adults. Have a great Father's Day, and go ahead ... pat yourself on the back, you're doing great!

Posted by LissaKay on 06/17/07 at 02:08 AM in Family
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That was lovely, Lissa.
Posted by at on 06/19 at 07:47 PM
On behalf of all daddys, especially the (hopefully) good daddys, I thank you 😊
Posted by Barry on 06/20 at 03:58 PM
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