Oh ... Really?

Almost DONE!

I have one more final to go, due by 10pm Thursday, online and open book, for International Politics. I survived the Programming final, barely. I think I will squeak by on that one, but I had a major brain freeze on one of the big questions. The Networking final wasn't too bad. I have a solid A there, so I would have to seriously screw up to drop any lower. My World Lit essay ... I dunno. It sounds good, but it seemed too easy. I cranked out 4 pages in as many hours, from starting outline through three drafts to final version including playing around with various style templates in Office 2007. (Which is mighty sweet, if I do say so myself!)

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Timez for teh cute kitteh breakz:

Via ICanHasCheezburger.com, a submission from none other than Mark Steel of Blogitude:

Gee, that cat reminds me of someone ... Mark, is that your cat? 😉

I have decided that Murphy must have been a college student at least at some point ... in attempting to get through these finals and then get registered for summer and fall classes, I have run into nothing but one screw up after another. I just hope this college is not using their computer science department for their web site maintenance and design. I would lose a lot of faith ... it is a mess! They switched over to a new registration system, but they don't have the transcripts uploaded yet, so we can't register for any classes that have prerequisites that we satisfied before transferring here. Also, any waivers have gone poof ... off-campus students do not have to submit proof of immunizations normally, but it is telling me that I must before I can register. At least I finally got an advisor ... but he is telling me I need more classes than is listed on the department advising site. I may run out of financial aid eligibility before I get done. Won't that suck??

Ugghhh ... what a mess.

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