Oh ... Really?

A Sad Irony

In today's newspaper, there were three articles ... two refuting the first in a very tragic way.

Allstate study ranks Knoxville drivers among safest in U.S.

This first article reports on an Allstate Insurance study that shows Knoxville, TN ranking as the 6th safest city to drive in, with drivers averaging an accident every 12.6 years. The national average is one every ten years. In the safest city, Sioux Falls, ID, drivers averaged one accident every 14.3 years.

Then we have these two other pieces today ...

Child, 3, hit by car several times
A 3-year-old Campbell County boy was repeatedly run over by a car at his home when a soured drug deal escalated into a violent confrontation between his parents and some of their alleged customers, authorities said Wednesday.

and Powell junior, man die in Clinton Highway collision
A junior at Powell High School and a 68-year-old man were killed Wednesday afternoon in a head-on collision in North Knox County, according to the Knox County Sheriff's Office.

Rhiannon Galford, 17, was driving a Chevrolet Cavalier southbound on Clinton Highway near the Beaver Creek Road intersection when she crossed into oncoming traffic and hit an Oldsmobile driven by the man, said Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Martha Dooley.

Horrible tragedies ... the stories published almost side by side with the 6th safest city article. Sadly ironic, indeed.

An additional note ... what is it with Powell? The place eats kids up and spits out the bones! A local TV station noted that over a dozen teens in Powell have died in motor vehicle accidents in the last 7 years. Even before that, when I worked EMS in Knoxville, we all knew that Powell was a dangerous place to live for young people. I even declined to rent a big house, dirt cheap there because I would be terrified for my kids constantly.

But still ... it's nothing compared to 1982 in Oak Ridge. Population ~28,000 ... that year saw 11 young people die in tragic accidents. I graduated from ORHS that year. I knew several of those kids. It still freaks me out.

Another tie ... Assistant chief deputy dies in wreck - Deputy Kevin Lyon was killed in a wreck ... in Powell ... two weeks ago. He graduated with me from ORHS in 1982.

Sad ...

Posted by LissaKay on 05/25/06 at 08:02 PM in Local News
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Just so you know, she was traveling down Clinton Highway from her home supposedly headed to work. Also, upon entering the scene cops smelled alcohol.
Posted by Katy on 07/24 at 09:29 PM
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