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A Question of Priorities

BREAKING NEWS: Local newspaper receives threatening letter, along with several other newspapers and an investment firm in New York. Newspaper editor reacts with immediate and profound concern .... for the right of his employees to NOT cooperate with the FBI in the investigation.

The FBI wants to fingerprint some News Sentinel reporters and editors as part of an investigation into a batch of threatening letters sent to newspapers around the country.

The letters, apparently identical and sent around the same time from the same place, make vague threats involving the New York-based investment firm Goldman Sachs. Other papers that received the letters include the Caller-Times in Corpus Christi, Texas, the Idaho Statesman and the Journal Gazette in Fort Wayne, Ind.


“Goldman Sachs,” the letter reads. “Hundreds will die. We are inside. You cannot stop us.”

The letter, written in red ink on lined paper, bore the signature, “A.Q.U.S.A.” It’s not clear what the initials stood for.


Now the FBI wants the fingerprints of anyone who touched either document, which will allow authorities to distinguish recipients’ prints from others that might be present on the letter and envelope.


News Sentinel Editor Jack McElroy said the paper will cooperate with authorities but won’t force anyone to be fingerprinted.

“We certainly want to support the investigation, but on the issue of fingerprints, it’s between those individuals and the authorities to decide how that should be handled,” he said. “The newspaper will reimburse any of our employees who retain legal counsel.”

OK ... this is disturbing for a couple of reasons. Let us review ...

"Vague threats" = “Hundreds will die. We are inside. You cannot stop us.” Saying they are going to kill hundreds of people is not a "vague threat" ... seems pretty clear to me.

“A.Q.U.S.A.” It’s not clear what the initials stood for. Really? Not clear? Seriously? Has this reporter been living in a cave somewhere for the last 7 years? Or is it an acute case of SFB?

Then last, but certainly not least ... the appearance that the newspaper is more concerned about their employees being fingerprinted by the FBI, than in assisting the FBI in conducting their investigation more efficiently ... WTF? Seriously, What. The. Freak. is WRONG with you pinheads?

Let's go over this step by step ... you were sent threatening letters. The FBI wants to find out who sent them. Some of your employees handled this letter, therefore their fingerprints may be on the letter. In order to achieve their goal of finding the bad guys, the FBI will be lifting ALL of the prints off of the letter and will be tracking down who they belong to. If some of those prints just so happen to belong to one of those employees of yours, and you have encouraged them to refuse to be printed for the purposes of elimination, the FBI will waste time and effort in figuring this out, while they could be tracking down the actual sender of the letter ... aka, the bad guys.

But nooooo! Asserting one's right to not be fingerprinted when not accused of a crime is just ever so much more important than finding out who sent these letters, and you know, just maybe preventing someone getting hurt or even killed. So glad to see your priorities are nice and straight. We certainly would not want to offend these reporters' delicate sensibilities by subjecting them to the terrors of ... assisting the FBI! Why, the bad guys just might happen to be non-white and non-Christian and would sue you for profiling!

Posted by LissaKay on 07/25/07 at 02:57 AM in Our World
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These letters are, to me, obviously fake. al Qaeda doesn't post warnings; a warning would detract from the 'terror' tactic they use so successfully. The biggest component of a successful 'terror' attack is surprise.

No, I would think this is some sick indivudual(s) who are playing a game. Maybe the FBI thinks that the individual(s) works at one of these newspapers, and the editors are worried about that, too...

The fine line between reporting the news and creating it?

Posted by serr8d on 07/25 at 09:29 AM
I missed the part where the newspaper is encouraging their employees to refuse to be fingerprinted.
Posted by Suzanne on 07/25 at 01:59 PM
LissaKay's avatar @Serr8d ... yes, it is highly likely that this is some kind of sick joke. But we, and especially the FBI, must take them seriously. But AQ does give warnings, it's part of their psy-ops in terrorism. That's all they need to do anymore, really ... just threaten us endlessly. We will destroy ourselves fighting over it, and do the job for them.

@Suzanne ... you missed it? Really? Wow. How about that. Ever try reading between the lines?

Posted by LissaKay on 07/26 at 01:46 AM
I know we 'have' to take them seriously; but I don't agree that we 'should'. There's much too much tension because people can't laugh at themselves, or at obvious jokes. I heard today someone in Seattle said there was a bomb on a plane, because he missed his flight, and the plane had to turn around...

There is such a thing as 'risk analysis' and quick thinking could save much trouble and aggravation. There is no 100% certainty to anything, and to act like we should expect such is, in itself, a laugh.

"Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing."
Helen Keller

Posted by serr8d on 07/26 at 09:48 PM
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